50 Major Benefits Of Reiki


1. Stronger immune system.
2. Better sleep.
3. Less stress.
4. Ideal weight loss pace.
5. Peace of mind.
6. Less drama.
7. More love.
8. More smiles.
9. Stronger relationships.
10. Better intuition.
11. Clearer head.
12. Tastier food.
13. Faster healing.

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14. Calmer attitude.
15. Reduced blood pressure.
16. Helps with acute injuries.
17. Connectedness to the spiritual nature / spiritual path.
18. Fewer visits to the doctor (if any).
19. Safer travels.
20. Grounding effect.
21. Pleasurable relaxation.
22. Fewer accidents.
23. Increased creativity.
24. Personal development path.
25. Faster toxin elimination.
26. Balanced chakras.
27. Helps you see the big picture / put things into perspective.
28. Provides relief during grieving / emotional distress.
29. Provides spiritual protection / psychic attack protection.
30. Easier to find parking place.
31. Happier kids.
32. Enhanced effectiveness of medication / drugs.

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33. Reduced side effects of medication / drugs.
34. Healthier pets.
35. Releases emotional blocks.
36. Better energy at home.
37. Slower aging.
38. Speeds up recovery from surgery or medical procedures.
39. Cleaner environment.
40. Better crops.
41. Easier to wake up.
42. Releases suppressed feelings.
43. More abundant life.
44. Improves your memory.
45. Sensitivity to the energy around us.
46. Heals old emotional wounds.
47. Increased work productivity.
48. More stamina.
49 Activates the Law of Attraction.
50. Easier to find lost objects.

Did we miss anything? 🙂


  1. Thanks for your post. I love the fact that Reiki can be applied to all facets of life. From my personal experience, many people turned to Reiki for healing, whether physical or spiritual, then find that it offers so much more – it really is a way of life and path towards wisdom and happiness.

  2. In my experience as a receiver and in giving, it gives a stronger connection to the soul/source. Which is allows for ALL the things we lable that enhances then that persons living.

    • Because it becomes easier to tune in to your intuitive self.
      This is how I found my cat when she got shut in a neighbours’ garage on Christmas Eve last year, when I went out looking for her, I felt a pull towards this garage and then I took the time to be still which led me to notice another cat outside the garage. If I hadn’t gone around to the front of the neighbour’s house to ask them to look in their garage at that moment, she would’ve been shut in for the rest of the day as they were just leaving to go out for their Christmas dinner! 🙂

    • there is a purpose for each and every living being in the earth. they will go back once they finish it. reiki will work only for your highest good. please do not think that living 100 years is the best thing you can get in this world. they lived only 61 years, but every will remind them until the end of the world or the begining of another era.

    • I’d say because she didn’t allow anything to be written down and that would stress the crud out of anyone. It would age you quickly and one day, stroke.

      One could also say because it was her time to die. Reiki doesn’t guarantee a long life. It guarantees a fulfilling life, a life of awareness, a spiritually rich life, none of which correlate to a long life.

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