Ten Ways That Reiki Will Improve Your Relationships


1. You will love people more, and they will love you back. And you will love yourself more, and back 😛 .

2. Drama will disappear. It won’t affect you anymore.

3. There will be no more jealousy. There will be only empathy,  and sympathy.

4. You’ll find others more beautiful. And you will be more beautiful.

5. You’ll smile more. A lot more 🙂. And people will smile back at you.

Impact of Reiki on Relationships

6. If you talk too much, you’ll listen more. If you talk too little, you’ll express yourself more easily. This will make people more comfortable around you, and it will make you more comfortable around people.

7. Incompatible friends will begin to excuse themselves out of your life. Which means less friction :).

8. You’ll attract and meet compatible people which will help you grow.

9. You’ll favor freedom over possessiveness.

10. You’ll drop the formal handshake for the friendly hugging.


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