Did You Know: Sei He Ki Can Improve Your Memory


You can employ the Sei He Ki symbol to improve your memory.

If you’re studying or learning for a test, draw it on the pages of your book (don’t do this if it’s a library book though ๐Ÿ™‚ ), with the intent that the information is better memorized, and be put to use for the highest good. While taking the test, visualize the symbol above your crown chakra to help you concentrate and better recall the information.

Image by Werner Vermaak

It can also help with short-term memory, such as where you put your keys, or the name of a person you just met.

Why does it work?

This works because Sei He Ki will act on an energetic level on your brain’s left and right hemispheres, creating connections and helping the two sides of your brain, which control your logical and emotional thinking, work in a harmonious way.

P.S.: Elephants are said to have terrific memory, they must be drawing SHK using their trunk ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thank you for the tip on how to use Reiki to improve ones memory. Would like some tips on how to help my nephew with Reiki, who is doing his board exams, Thanks in advance

    • We can always send Reiki to a situation, such as an exam, a job interview, a date ๐Ÿ™‚ etc. But when we do this, many times we tend to get attached to outcomes, and send energy “so that he passes the exam” or “so that he lands the job”, instead of sending the healing energy with the intent that “it works out the best way for the highest good at all.”

      I once sent Reiki to someone while they had a job interview. It was for a very good job, and they put a lot of effort into preparing for the interview. I sent it for the highest good. They did not get the job, and we were a bit sad. But a few weeks later, they got a job that was 10 times better, with another company – and they wouldn’t have pursued this opportunity, had they gotten the first job. And the questions asked during this second interview were just the things this person had done extensive research on for the first interview. All were perplexed, but very happy with the way things turned out.

    • Some practitioners recommend that you envision the symbol spinning in your head (I am not kidding). I haven’t tried this though. Just intend for it to work on the short term memory, for the highest good.

  2. Wow! When I most need it, the information appears. Many Thanks. I am taking pain medication as a result of shoulder surgery and have difficulty remembering almost anything!

  3. My son is having Exam in end of march but he can’t sit in one place more than an hour in between he is doing time pass with playing pen,or some nonsence taking.he is daily taking reiki but still what should I do for increasing his consentration

  4. Hi I’m Vanisha would like to have your help I’m searching a job since 5 years n unable to get another job. In my actual job they are not giving me promotion . My studies also I’m not able to complete my degree
    Please help

  5. Hi i’m Abhilash. I am studying Chartered Accountancy course. i am giving My CA final exam for 3 years but every time fail.. i am unable to memorize & concentrate…so plz suggest me some Reiki ways so that i could pass the exams…

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