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Reiki Wisdom Library – The App

How to get the app?

Reiki Wisdom Series – a Reiki Rays project meant to raise awareness and help people understand Reiki, its benefits, and how to further develop their spiritual practice.

Reiki Wisdom Library

Install the free app:

Contains 5 free books from the Reiki Rays Wisdom Library:

  • How to Keep Reiki by Your Side All Day Long
  • Praise Be to the Light
  • Combine Reiki with Other Healing Tools
  • Reiki Attunements Demystified
  • Heal and Balance Your Chakras with Reiki

What’s new in the app?

Keep Reiki in the foreground. Read. Learn. Make progress on your Reiki path. The PRO version contains 15 Reiki books.

Install the PRO app: