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The Role of Byosen Scanning in the Reiki Session

Generally speaking, the treatment phase of the professional Reiki session begins with the energetic, or byosen scan, and is conducted when the client is comfortably situated on the Reiki table, and after the Pre-Session Intake and Discussion. Many Reiki practitioners recognize Byosen (“sick accumulation” or “place of sickness”) as a Japanese Reiki technique that identifies […] Read more

Soothing Anxious Pets with Reiki and Plant Energy

Many pets suffer from anxiety, especially with loud noises, such as fireworks, construction, or thunderstorms, as well as during separation from their loved ones. If your pet is frightened during these situations, you can help them to feel more at peace with Reiki and a type of energy medicine called flower essences. Flower essences are […] Read more

Ways to Be an Animal Reiki Practitioner

Working with animal Reiki is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, aside from teaching animal Reiki to others. When I work with animal Reiki, I always feel that I am being taught very deep soul lessons. The animals teach me, and the Universe and Nature teach me through the animals. I […] Read more

Reiki Energy

In my years of teaching Reiki, the most common problem that my students face is taking on their client’s problem. This may occur on a physical, emotional or mental level – often manifesting as the experience of feeling a client’s pain or walking away from a session feeling energetically exhausted. Personally experiencing the symptoms that […] Read more

Channelled energy

As humans we believe that we are limited. This is easy to believe because the human body has many obvious limitations. For example, we can’t walk through walls, we can’t teleport and we live in very organised structured societies, which place limits and boundaries on almost everything that we do. Limitations just seem to be […] Read more


Is Reiki Really an Energy?

Is Reiki Really An Energy?

It’s likely that you were taught that “Reiki is universal life-force energy” and that “Reiki moves through the practitioner to the receiver”. I once read that life-force energy enters through the crown of the practitioner and moves down to the heart and then along each arm and out the hands to the receiver. When I […] Read more


What Reiki Does Not Do

What Reiki Does Not Do

The world is often a very results oriented place. We want to know what can be done for us and how quickly. We love quick fixes and we often don’t know how to cope with our stress, pain or discomfort. We have specific wishes and desires that we get honed in on and a certain […] Read more

Upgrade your vibrational level

I could still remember that moment when I was first introduced to vibrational level of human beings. And since then I have been searching for the ways to escalate my vibration. But what does it mean by upgrading your vibration? I will tell you what it is and how to upgrade it. First of all, […] Read more

Therapist holding her patients hands

Article by Nicholas Harris When most people think about Reiki, the focus is on spiritual energy in the context of personal healing. However, Reiki is much more than that and the healing that may occur within treatment works on many different levels. A proper Reiki session should consist of the following phases: Phase 1: Introduction The facilitator […] Read more


Animal Symbolism Handout

Animal Symbolism Handout For Reiki Class

Hello Friends. Below you will find a basic animal symbolism sheet that I like to give to both clients and Reiki students. When you start to enter the Reiki world you may find that the universe starts to communicate with you in a variety of new ways. One of the most routine ways is through […] Read more

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