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Starseeds: Signs, Mission & Communication

Are you an energy healer and space lover rolled into one? Do you experience awe, happiness or comfort when you gaze at the stars? Have you ever felt drawn to a place that you love but can’t quite locate on Earth’s territory? Have you ever considered the possibility that your soul may have incarnated on […] Read more

A Golden Gift for You: Mother Mary & Jesus Speak

Dearest Ones, Greetings! We come to you today with a message of love. We bring a present for you – a bubble of Golden Light. This Golden Bubble is a high vibrational energetic cocoon that provides an unconditional space for you. Within this space, you are safe to feel your deepest emotions. In the higher […] Read more

Support from the Beings of Light

We are not alone! When faced with challenges, it is all too easy to forget that we are loved and supported; that we are not alone in this mysteriously vast Universe. For those of us on the Reiki path, Reiki practice acts as one of the primary catalysts in the journey of soul awakening. As […] Read more

Reiki, Third Eye and Higher Guidance

As we progress on the Reiki path, we encounter many changes within ourselves. We also witness several aspects of our lives undergoing a positive shift. Reiki helps us open up to the truth of our divinity and innate potential. One significant development that is experienced by many on the path is that their ability to […] Read more


Steps to Receive Higher Guidance

Steps to Receive Higher Guidance

Placing our hands on the body and allowing energy to flow is just one aspect of healing ourselves. As we heal ourselves with energy, our chakras open up and we also become channels for higher guidance or divine guidance. This higher guidance is not something that lies outside of us and available to an exclusive […] Read more

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