Prevent Accidents with Cho Ku Rei


Cho Ku Rei can be used to prevent accidents and other unfortunate events.

Before going on a trip, entering a meeting, making a phone call, or whenever you feel some stress and negative energy around, bring in the peace and familiar Reiki energy.

Cleanse the area by drawing Cho Ku Rei in the air, intending that it purifies your aura, your thoughts, your body, the energy in the room, or in the car, or in the surroundings. Aim for the highest good of all concerned.

Image by Ashish Gautamm

Why does it work?

Misfortunes and other bad experiences are much more likely to happen when negative or inharmonious energies are around. By cleansing and balancing the energy, we significantly reduce the chance that anything negative will happen, and the Power Symbol is an excellent tool for this purpose.

Tip: Ground yourself properly and you’ll benefit from additional protection!

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  1. Thank you for always sharing articles that are usable in daily activities. Your site has filled in a lot of blanks for me while learning to use Reiki for myself and in my practice. =)

  2. I will try this on Saturday comming as I am the Chair of a meeting that requires objective and logical views rather than passionate or egotistical views.

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