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Better Crops with Reiki

For non-Reiki folks, it’s hard to believe that Reiki can actually have an effect on crops, trees or plants, but personal experiences of many practitioners as well as some scientific experiments and researches also proved the fact that plants and trees respond to Reiki energy. We have already discussed about the effect of Reiki on plants in one of our previous posts, but in this article, we will learn more about Reiki’s effects for better crops.

Dr. Barnard Grad’s Experiment

Dr. Barnard is associated with McGill University in Montreal. He did a research over effects of different psychic healings energies and techniques including Reiki on seeds. In his experiment, he planted the seeds in different pots and watered all of them with a saline solution, a method used to hold back growth of plants and seeds. The half of the saline solution used for watering was treated by Reiki healing, while the other half was used without any psychic healing. Later, when results were observed, it was reported that plants that were watered by treated saline solution showed better growth and have 25% more weight when compared to other plants. The plants exposed to Reiki healing also contained a higher ratio of chlorophyll.

Later, these experiments were further researched upon by different scientists including Dr. Grad in his labs. All showing the same results that Reiki and other psychic healing techniques can have a significant effect on plants growth, better crops, fruits and vegetables with better nutrition.

Spindrift Group’s Research

Furthermore, a group of scientists, known as Spindrift Group also researched upon connection between prayers, different psychic treatments including Reiki and growth of plants. The research also concluded the same results indicating that plants and crops exposed to different psychic healings, prayers and Reiki energy treatments can grow faster and are healthier if compared to other plants even when both plants grow in same conditions.


This is now considered as an established fact among Reiki circles that Reiki can effect plants growth and can have positive results in term of better crops. Plants are considered natural as they respond quickly, even faster than humans in some cases when exposed to Reiki energy. It is also reported that plants grow quickly when they are taking care with love and respect, while plants that are exposed to indifferent handling, tend to show slow progress in terms of growth.

For better crops, fruits and vegetables with better nutrition, Reiki can play a positive role. Reiki masters can send Reiki energy to whole crops, trees in gardens and farms, and plants for better growth of crops, nutrition enriched vegetables and fruits, and healthy growth of flowers and flower buds. Reiki is proved to be an effective way of nurturing life in any form, humans, plants and even animals.

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