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Sometimes Healing Doesn’t Mean a Cure

Although the world-wide COVID pandemic has created many challenges and hardships, there have also been many good things that have come of these circumstances. And one of the gifts that has emerged is the renewed interest and awareness in holistic practices, specifically in energy medicine. As Reiki practitioners, we will have many opportunities to make […] Read more

Basic Guidelines for a Healthy Mindset

Article by Karla Sanchez Humanity is currently experiencing one of its biggest public healthy emergencies thus far. The holistic health of our communities is being compromised and we are waiting to see how this will continue to unfold. This situation may leave us feeling isolated, powerless and helpless. Nevertheless, there so much we can do […] Read more

How to Keep a Healthy Mindset, Even During Difficult Times

We are experiencing great change and difficulty in the world right now. The updates are nearly constant, making it feel as though the world has sped up to an impossible speed. Yet, in truth, the world has come to a near stop. Everyone has altered their lives in some way. Each of us had to […] Read more


Reiki for Healing Eye Issues

Reiki for eyes

Eye issues and diseases can develop because the energy that feeds the optic nerves and all other parts of the eyes have been compromised, blocked or fragmented in some way. Energy is the foundation of what feeds our physical body and energy is found in every cell of our body. When the energy that is […] Read more

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