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Quick Tip: Reiki Alarm Clock

Here’s another inovative way to use Reiki: Alarm Clock!


  1. Repeat the name of the distance healing symbol thrice after drawing it mentally.
  2. First, say your name and then say – please wake me up at – the required time- feeling energetic and refreshed.
  3. Now, mentally draw the mental healing symbol and repeat the name of the symbol thrice.
  4. Seal everything by drawing the power symbol in your mind and repeating the name of this symbol thrice.

This Reiki technique which takes about three to five minutes to be completed can help you wake up in the morning at a specific time without having to use an alarm clock. Remember that Reiki only works for your highest good, so if it doesn’t wake you up in time for work or for a date, maybe you’re in the wrong job or dating with the wrong person 🙂 .

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