How to Eat Reiki (Energize Your Food)


There’s an easy way to get Reiki into your body and make sure it reaches every cell that needs it. And this is: charge your food with healing energy.

As you eat it, the nutrients imbued with Reiki will find their way throughout your body, making it shine from within, almost literally. Almost :).

Image by tolomea

Here’s one technique you can use (of course you can get creative and add your own twist here):

  1. Clear your mind and enable the flow of energy
  2. As you look at your food, intend, and imagine, that there is a cloud of energy a few feet above the table where the food is placed
  3. Charge this cloud with energy, employing the symbols to create a healthy flow
  4. Intend that energy starts raining down from the cloud, on the food, permeating it and energizing it with vibrant light
  5. Let the rain fall for a while
  6. Draw Cho Ku Rei, end the session, and bring about the feeling of gratefulness
  7. Enjoy your food

This simple technique can make wonders for your physical shape and health, if the practice becomes a habit.


  1. Except meat. You cannot raise the energy of dead flesh. Animals die in a horrible, fearful way and you are taking that lowest form of energy in. You are also taking in the energy of the slaughterhouse worker who is a troubled soul. Think about what you are putting in your body. Eat whole foods,plants, organic, non-GMO grow your own. It is so important for us, the animals and the planet. For what we do to the animals and the earth, we do to ourselves. Make the connection.

    • I do not agree. Divine energy can infuse ANY substance with energy and Love. Thank Source for providing the meal, thank the animals, plants, humans, Sun, and Gia for their parts in your meal. That’s how it’s done in my version of reality. You may have yours.

    • I completely agree… Not only is there so much pain and suffering, it’s unnatural… Once I recognized the connection with other beings … I could never again justify the cruelty for the momentary pleasure of taste of a corpse…

  2. I wonder if I can reiki my blood pressure medication in much the same way, so it does it’s job and maybe I can lower the strength prescribed. I will try it

  3. Reiki : limitless source of energy intended
    To heal. Infused with the connective tissue of Unconditional Love.
    What the world needs now.
    “We hold these truths to be self evident . That All men are creAted equal.”
    And are endowed by their creator
    With certain inalienable rights.
    (Among these are)
    Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of Reiki happiness

  4. wonderful it is also a old tradition in the East offering your food after it is spiritual prasadam mercy of God in dutch offeren zoals bidden voor het eten en danken is een oud gebruik. Ook de Noormannen deden dit al waarde Friezen op een zekere manier ook deel van uitmaken. Dat Reiki dit ook doet is niet echt vreemd Sivananda svami gaf dit ook mee aan zijn leerlingen, die zich afvroegen hoe ze moesten eten zonde te offeren. Hij vertelde ze dat ze het zelf konden zegenen

  5. i see the reiki bullshit wagon is still being pushed here, you reiki bullshit artists should go and get a real job like the rest of us.

      • Lisa. I oly feel bad for ppl like u. Coz u cannot open up ur minds to something as beautiful as reiki.. Maybe ur crown chakra needs to be treated. Lol.

    • Joe.. Again?? This article too?? Lol.. How jobless n pathetic must u be.. To waste ur time on readin n commenting on somethin u aren interested in. Hahaha.. Or maybe u ARE gettin interested n u just don know it.. Hmmm.. 😀

      • yes shwetha, i am interested in exposing reiki maasters for the frauds that they are and i am interested in informing as many people as i can, judging by your poor grammar, i dont think you even know what i am talking about.

        • Hahaha! Sure Joe.. Be our guest. N for ur kind information. My grammar n english are both good. These are the short forms most of dem use while textin. Just gettin the point across is enuf u know.! Lol! Anyway. You are a man on a mission eh. Good luck!!

          • yes shwetha, stupid me, i did not think people would text whilst posting on a forum, is it because your to lazy to put in the full words or is it because your grammar is poor, anyhow i dont need any luck from you
            ( thanks anyway ) i just wish these reiki bullshit artists would get a real job and stop fleecing the gullible.

  6. Hey Joe! It’s YOU’RE and not YOUR. In reference to your previous comment, its TOO and not TO. just saying. Coz u are “TO” (in your good ol’ grammar) stuck up on correcting and ccommentin on grammar in the comments section.. Lol.. Ok this is just goin on and on and on. I’ll be the bigger person and stop this. Its always fun pissin off arrogant ppl. Bye. U take care. Stay the same. Guys like u are entertaining. Lol.

        • Suit yourself, Joe. I feel Shwetha has put her point across and I have nothing to say to you. 🙂 Ignorance is bliss and it’s wise to ignore you. Your crown chakra is majorly blocked. I feel bad for people like you cuz there is a solution to your blockages but being a bigot that you are, you tend to get So aggressive to put forth your negative thoughts and not solve your problem. Anyway, Mind your tongue. You have some thoughts to share? Do it in a decent ,respected manner.

          I’m so glad I’m not like you.

    • yes shwetha, i made two typos,have a look at your posts, i mean COZ, PPL, U, these i presume are some kind of words,but in what language?anyway i digress, the point i am making is that reiki is bullshit.

  7. @jeo… If you think its all bullshit .. I dono y u are here… U should try something else ..utlise ur best time in improving urself rather than proving someone or something wrong .. Everything has its own power and effect … We never knew we can see or talk to people who are in other part of world.. Its was a miracle then..reiki also has same power and it has scientific background too..

      • I know you are out of this forum but still if you ever come across this post again, do correct yourself 😀

        Lesson 1:
        First of all start a sentence with a capital letter. That’s a beginner’s lesson in punctuation. Secondly, add commas properly in your sentences. That too is another beginner’s lesson in punctuation. Learn where to put a comma as well as a period.

        Lesson 2:
        ‘Its a load of bullshit’? I suppose you meant to say it’s… Its means ‘belonging to it’ and it’s means it is….

        So what I am intending to say is,learn grammar properly using the ‘Wren and Martin book’ latest edition and then come lecture others…..

    • If you keep your head in mud, mud is all you will ever see. Don’t judge other people’s path. You have your own, and we have ours. As a reiki Master, I know Reiki works, so before you judge, keep an open mind and experience it for yourself for at least a year. I hope you find peace with yourself and others brother.

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