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Reiki and Law of Attraction for Goal Manifestation

Up until now the law of attraction was only known to the selected few, however lately with the tremendous advances in digital world and the popularization of ‘The Secret’, it has garnered the attention of the common masses. The law of attraction (LOA) is the principle that the people, the things, the environments and the […] Read more

Do You Really Know How To Manifest? Know Your Road-Blocks!

Who doesn’t want their wishes getting fulfilled? Well, I guess everyone wants to see their best dreams becoming reality! We desire the best of all possible people, relationships, materialistic pleasures for ourselves but think again, how many of us can manifest all of that easily? Umm not as many, right? So the word is out, […] Read more

10 Tips to Manifest Money with Reiki

Divine Inspiration dawned on me a few weeks ago. The way I was going about business – always hustling, never enough – was limiting my higher purpose. Also, not charging enough led to my clients to undervaluing what they were receiving. If they were paying more, they would take the services more seriously. My ah-ha […] Read more

Heal Your Money Limiting Beliefs for Reiki Success

Article by Christine Renee You may wonder why Reiki is not as popular as other healing modalities. Why do Chiropractors, massage therapists, and many other healing practices thrive in the mainstream while Reiki practitioners stay in the shadows? What is holding us back? One of the reasons may be a cultural belief that one should […] Read more

Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras

Hello Dear Ones, I am back after a pretty long time; I will try to be more regular now. Today this article is about clearing financial blockage from all chakras. Now many of you may wonder, how come it’s about all chakras? Well, what if your work is based on your communication skills? Your Throat […] Read more