Reiki Your Medication to Reduce Side Effects


If you’re under medical treatment, you can Reiki your medication to increase its effectiveness and reduce its side effects.

The steps are very simple, and as always, there’s plenty of room for creativity.

Step 1. Hold the pills in the palm of your hand, and start the Reiki flow, from the palm of your hand to and through the pills.

Step 2. In your other hand, imagine and create a small energy ball. Inside this ball, place whatever symbols you feel guided to place. If you’re not sure, place a Cho Ku Rei, then Sei He Ki, then the distance symbol for timely discharge, then seal everything with one more Cho Ku Rei.

Image by Josh Parrish

Step 3. Move the energy ball towards the hand holding the pills, so that the pills end up inside the ball. Intend that they charge up with healing energy, and discharge this energy to help your body heal.

Step 4. Take the pills. You can Reiki the water you take them with, too.

Once inside your body, the energy from the pills will act to enhance their potency, and to reduce the negative side effects to a minimum.


  1. Hi

    I take Tamoxifen as I had breast cancer last Nov. I didn’t like the idea of taking tablets but I Reiki them every day and have a clear quartz and amethyst sitting on the box.

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