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How to Transmute Your Energy in a Narcissistic Relationship

The irony in a narcissistic relationship is that the person at the receiving end doesn’t realize they’re being manipulated until the relationship has gone sour. If it’s a romantic relationship, then it all feels rosy and beautiful in the beginning until slowly, the narcissist partner takes away the inner power of the other. But, the […] Read more


Protection with 4 Archangels

Protection with 4-Archangels

Lately I have noticed that people who are into spiritual healing suffers from psychic attacks the most. Even though we shield ourselves, we are not immune to psychic attacks. Once I was praying to Archangel Michael and it dawned upon me that why only Archangel Michael, why cannot we invoke other angels too? Hence, I […] Read more


Insomnia and the Reiki Blanket

Insomnia Reiki Blanket

Over the last few days I have been hearing too many concerns from people having sleep related issues including lack of sound sleep, waking up too early, waking up at midnight, inability to fall asleep, stressful sleep, nightmares, feeling sleepy and tired throughout the day, irritability, anxiety and so on. Most of the complaints have […] Read more


Psychic Attacks and Crystals

Previously I had written series about crystals which included Crystals for Money, Crystals for Weight Loss, Crystals for Relationships and Crystals for Pets. I don’t know how I missed one of the most important categories – crystals to protect from psychic attacks. Psychic attacks occur when negative and evil energies are directed towards you with […] Read more

Purification and Cleansing Sprayrevised

Clearing and purifying your home, your healing space and your aura regularly is an energetic necessity for maintaining your well-being. This is especially true when you are working with others on a regular basis or if you are highly sensitive or empathic. Burning sage or incense is one of the most popular methods of quickly […] Read more