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Spot Treatment with Reiki

Reiki is effective in spot treatment, whether it’s from an acute injury, or caused by a chronic condition, for example temporarily increased levels of a localized pain. Remember though that it’s not a replacement for medical aid.

This is a quick technique to perform spot treatment. The steps are mere guidelines, the most important thing in these situations is to follow your intuition.

Step 1. Rub your hands together to facilitate the energy flow.

Step 2. Place your hands over the affected area and send generous amounts of energy. Use Cho Ku Rei to increase the flow.

Image by jo-h

Step 3. Pay attention to where the energy flows. If nearby areas draw more energy, hover one or both of your hands there to calm it.

Step 4. Draw Sei He Ki. It will act as an antiseptic, and enhance the healing.

Step 5. Keep sending energy and using the symbols until you sense the area no longer accepts Reiki. Sometimes, you can try to resume later if needed.

Reiki will relieve the pain – but unlike painkillers or sprays used medically, you don’t need to worry about dosage, levels, amounts delivered.

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