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Sacral Chakra: Healing Childhood Trauma – Part Two

If the idea of spontaneous joy and unstructured play is triggering with the thought “that’s a waste of time”, let’s dig a little deeper into why that response is rising up. Childhood wounding happens to us all. We all have a part of our childhood where we did not receive the love, comfort, and protection […] Read more

Hypothyroidism, Throat Chakra and Reiki

Dear friends, today’s article is about a term that most of us are aware of. It has become a lot more prevalent these days. Name is “Hypothyroidism”. Yes. Today’s topic is all about Hypothyroidism. First let’s try to know what Hypothyroidism is, what are the symptoms and related information about it. Hypothyroidism is a dis-ease […] Read more

Reiki, Crystals & the Heart Chakra

In the practice of Reiki, practitioners may work with crystals to help bring the chakra system of the body into balance by absorbing the energy of each chakra and transmuting it to bring the chakras back to their natural vibratory state. In my last article, I covered Reiki, Crystals and the Lower Chakra System. In […] Read more

Throat Chakra and Higher Throat Chakra

My Journey and Laryngitis Last few months were a little stressful for me. There were primarily 2 reasons. First being I was severely affected by laryngitis or infection of the throat. And second being since I am a speaker, trainer teacher, and a coach most of my daily work activities comprise of talking and thus […] Read more


Get to Know Nadis

Get to know Nadis

As a child, I suffered from a lot of minor health issues from tonsillitis to stomach troubles. Well and after trying many many super specialists in mainstream medicine who advised surgery as the only solution for my constant tonsillitis and cold and cough my parents finally took me to a homeopathic doctor who I recently […] Read more