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Quick Tip: Looking for Parking Space with Reiki

This Reiki technique which takes about two minutes should be used before you start driving to a particular destination. Using this technique will help you find a parking space more easily


  1. Relax completely before drawing the power symbol. Repeat the name of the symbol thrice.
  2. Now, draw the distance healing symbol mentally. Repeat the name of the symbol three times.
  3. Repeat the words “I will find a good parking space in – a particular location” three times.
  4. Seal it by drawing the power symbol mentally and repeating the name of this symbol thrice.
  5. Drive to the required destination feeling completely relaxed.

All these simple techniques can be performed by a second Reiki Degree practitioner. However, it is important to remember that that the art of sending energy requires you to use you powers of concentration to the fullest. Thoughts play a vital role in influencing the world around us. Moreover, since Reiki is intended to be done only for the good, it is important that the motive behind using these Reiki techniques is harmless and is used only to help you solve your day to day problems in an easy, simple and successful manner.

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