3 Simple Steps To Turn Your iPhone Into A Reiki Box (Or Any Phone)


In case you’re not familiar with the term, a Reiki box allows you to keep your healing requests in one place and send healing to them all at once. Read more details here.

Perhaps it’s not practical to carry the box with you all the time. This is generally not a problem, because you can use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to send energy to your box from wherever you are.

But what if you want to add something to the list while on the road? Technology has given us an alternative. You can actually carry your Reiki Box with you wherever you go. Or, at least, wherever you take your phone with you.

Here is how to turn your phone into a Reiki Box.

iPhone (image by Brett Jordan)

Step 1. Launch your favorite note-taking, or document editing, app on your phone and create a new note or document. Name it Reiki Requests, or a name that makes sense to you. If you don’t have such an app, search the app store / play store / market for a “notepad” app; there should be some good free apps available.

Step 2. Create a bullet-point list of requests, and save the document.

Step 3. Send Reiki to the phone, intending that it reaches all your requests.

Congrats, you’re done! 🙂 Now you have your own lil’ Reiki box that you can carry with you, and send energy to it whenever you have time, without having to remember which were all these situations that you wanted to energize.

Your phone Reiki box works for the same reason a standard box works: because Reiki is guided by intent, and your intent all along was to send healing energy to these situations.

Happy Reikin’! 🙂

PS: Check out our app for iOS and Android, called My Reiki Boxhttps://reikirays.com/box-app


  1. Team

    Good Idea.
    I have complted reiki training few years back and practcing reiki.
    Question : – Is it mandatory that reiki box should be only for 21 days and than we need to stop and start again after 1-2 days or i can continue doing reiki prayer as long as my goal is not reached.
    good day

  2. Très très bonne idee….merci d m’inspirer comme vous le faites…
    very very good idea…thank’s for being that great inspiration.

  3. While doing reiki , we were told to keep away our mobile phones as there rays interfere with the reiki .
    Wonder if it works ?
    Earlier I tried pictures of flowers as in Bach flower therapy , it didn’t worked on mobile but on paper it worked .

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