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Cho ku rei pyramid sheild

Cho Ku Rei Pyramid Shield

Shielding is the most important part when it comes to healing. Healers are certainly more...
Unemployed How to Realign With Your Soul Path

Unemployed? How to Realign With Your Soul Path

Being unemployed is difficult regardless of whether or not it is by choice. But there...
Journey through the emotions

Reiki Journey through the Emotions 

The technical definition of an emotion is “a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood...
Radical Power Of Truth

The Radical Power Of Truth

Living in truth seems like such an easy thing to do. Unfortunately, it is becoming...
Approach Reiki to Practise Reiki

Approach Reiki to Practice Reiki

Hello, Divine souls! How many of us have learned Reiki with great zeal and devotion but...
New Moon Amendments

New Moon Amendments

In one of the previous article, I have already talked about moon cycle. In the...
Explained- How Reiki is the Master Key to unlock the potential of your routine workout

How Reiki is the Master Key to Unlock the Potential of Your Routine Workout

The state of our minds, the state of our bodies and instincts are intimately interconnected....
Meditation Doctor of Heaven

Meditation Doctor of Heaven

Meditation Doctor of Heaven 1. Sit or lay in a quiet place, close your eyes and...
Combined Power of Reiki and Yoga

Combine the Power of Reiki and Yoga

The integration of Reiki and Yoga are just wonderful and there are many people who...
3 Ways to Set Boundaries Online for Healers

3 Ways to Set Boundaries Online for Healers

Many Reiki healers tend to be empaths when it comes to picking up other people’s...
milan grid

Milan Grid – Unite Two Souls Using Reiki

Hello, Beautiful Souls! The term “Milan” is a Sanskrit word which can be loosely translated to...
Reiki for your dreams

Reiki for Your Dreams

Many times, we think when we are so much into a difficult situation or in...
Ending a Reiki Session

Ending a Reiki Session

There are many articles and tips on how to prepare your Reiki practice room, welcoming...
Distant Healing Knee Technique

Distant Healing – The Knee Technique – Part 1

Sending Reiki to the past, to the future or to someone away from us may...

Apologies Ritual with Reiki

Sorry! You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty You know I try but...

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