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Oracle Card Reading February 28 - March 06, 2021

Enjoy this week’s cards revealed: 1. Together This card reveals the great strength of togetherness. “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Share your goodness, knowledge, wealth, and happiness with others and you will also benefit from their gifts. Do something for someone else and notice how both of you enjoy endless […] Read more

Vibrant Spring Cleansing Reiki Calendar March 2021

A printable PDF version of this calendar is available for FREE to all our subscribers. Subscribe below to download it. If you are already subscribed just insert your email address and we will send you the PDF. For more inspiring insights on completing these daily tasks, you can check out the articles shared below: Day […] Read more

Advantages of Distant Reiki for Animals

One of Reiki’s most exceptional qualities is its ability to meet and transcend the limitations of Earth-based reality, especially those of space and time. The ease with which Reiki transcends these linear concepts became stunningly evident when the global pandemic began its onslaught more than a year ago. Personal interactions were severely curtailed as many […] Read more

From Hands On to Virtual: A Transitioning Practice

I have been a holistic wellness practitioner since 2012. Through all the years that I have been practicing Reiki and other complimentary holistic modalities, I have gained experience and knowledge from working on my own healing journey as well as working with Reiki clients. Like a lot of us when we first start out, there […] Read more

What Is Your “Right” Spiritual Path?

What is your “right” spiritual path? Frequently, clients comment they are not certain if they are on the spiritual path meant for them. This is based in a belief there is only one correct spiritual path predetermined for each person. The endpoint is reached when the person is doing the right thing – whether it […] Read more