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Here you’ll find some of our most valuable and essential articles to start your transformative healing journey through Reiki. All the knowledge and wisdom, methods and techniques, tools and practices shared are aimed at supporting your process so use them to create the best version of your life:

Global REIKI Summits


World-Renowned Speakers

Receive guidance from Reiki luminaries whose practices have inspired millions of people across the globe.


Latest Updates & Practices

Upgrade your perspective and integrate the latest Reiki tools for whole-body healing into your daily practice.


Purpose-Driven Initiative

Contribute to redefining the role of Reiki & energy medicine into our society and change the world for the better.


Global Reiki Community

Connect with like-minded practitioners drawn to heal, evolve, unite, raise awareness, and inspire change.


Free Support Materials

Deepen the healing journey & upgrade your Reiki toolbox with helpful resources from us and our speakers.


Accessible & Inclusive Event

Register to attend the summit from anywhere in the world, regardless of your Reiki level, style or spiritual practice.

2023 Reiki Healing Summit

Connect with tens of thousands of other energy practitioners across the globe who are searching for the same things as you are – support, empowerment, and an endless flow of wisdom from some of today’s most gifted medical doctors, researchers, Reiki masters, and energy healing practitioners. Some of our past summit speakers include Inamoto Hyakuten, Tina Zion, Frank Arjava Petter, Susan Mitchell, Deb Hoy, Dr. Alyson Moadel, William Lee Rand, Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, Kate Jones, Johaness Reindl, Pamela Miles, Frans Stiene, Kathie Lipinski, Feona Gray, Ann Baldwin, Torsten Lange, Colleen & Robyn Benelli, and many many other Reiki luminaries – all visionary spirits who are aware that we can only weave a new world by working together.

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Reiki Light

Reiki Rays University

Online courses, global summits, free workshops.

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Reiki Books

A collection of Reiki books written by some of our collaborators.

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Reiki Age of Light

Quick trailer preview of our Reiki Age Of Light movie.

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Testimonials from Our Community

A great place to enrich your practice and gain knowledge. So many ideas and different topics that there was something for everyone. Also, we can feel isolated being in this field that isn’t yet very mainstream, so this gave me a sense of community as well. I really enjoyed it!!

community member

Wonderful resources for all things Reiki! It provides support, information, community, and education – a true blessing for all Reiki practitioners and teachers, as well as for those just beginning their Reiki journey.

Kathleen Johnson

The articles are amazing and I share them all the time with my Students. I use the Calendars and love the reminders of Reiki, as I check off each day with a ❤. It is also nice to have a Reiki Tribe around the world to strengthen and empower each other. Thank you. Namaste.

Nancy Meikle-Mousseau

Thank you very much for the thoughtful workbook. The designs and layout are lovely and the content is wonderful!!!
Hugs, Kim ♥

Kim Mamaradlo

Hello, I just wanted to say Thank you so much for the beautiful Reiki ebooks. It was truly needed & much appreciated. We forget to use the wonderful energy in our lives when we are scrambled emotionally so this is a great reminder & spiritual nod to work with Reiki on a daily basis which in truth I have never used it daily BUT I will do now thanks to your loving kindness. After 10 minutes of being still with Reiki, I feel like I can face the day ahead now. Gratitude 🙏 Reiki Love ❤️ & Blessings to you all. ✨🙏✨

Lorraine Morrow

I love your emails! You have a lot of good information! You are doing a lot of good for people with what you send to us. Thank you.

Sharon Reynolds, ND, RN

I’ve just found out about the Reiki Rays website and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much! You all made my day with all resources, books, posts, and the whole website overall!
Thanks very much for sharing everything it’s on the website!
Greeting from your new fan!

Michelly Goia

WOW! So many incredible Reiki practitioners in one place sharing their knowledge… very impactful on my Reiki practice. Especially the information about Reiki in hospitals and medical studies! Very interesting.

Heather T Procknal

I’m a Reiki practitioner and have been watching the Reiki Summits for the last few years now. There is always such a good spread of speakers from all over the world covering so many interesting topics. I find that I learn so much and use the Reiki Rays Reiki Summit as part of my CPD. I don’t listen to all of the interviews but I would say that on average I listen to around two thirds of them. Andrea and Yolanda were excellent hosts who are both good listeners but who also ask incisive questions. The communication around the summit is also excellent so thank you Reiki Rays.


Thank you. I love the monthly calendar, & use it. Thanks for all the information you share with the world. Let’s all keep the light work going daily.

Kathie Gentile

Great collection of FREE interesting and helpful articles/tips on the use of Reiki and how to hone its power. It is to spread the knowledge on this very accessible healing energy.

Sue Wang

This site is very informational and open-hearted. It allows the members to be at ease on their journey and able to ask questions without reprimand or ridicule.
The admins are very receptive and active participating and quick to answer questions. ❤️

Helene Gibson

This is how I start my day, with a coffee and some Reiki Rays!
I really like to read other Reiki hearts sharing their perspectives on this beautiful energy.
Thanks for the comfort and great way to start my days!
Namaste 🙏

Korri Grant

Reiki Rays is an amazing source of inspiration and information. I always learn something new when I spend time with Reiki Rays. Thank You for all you do.

Jeff Baird

Fantastic experience for someone new to Reiki like me. I was blown away by the quality of the speakers and the depth of their knowledge. The Summit has opened up Reiki as a whole new world for me. Hard to express how much gratitude I feel to have discovered this summit. Thank you so much.


There is always more to learn about Reiki. The 2022 Reiki Summit provided its listeners with an opportunity to hear stories of how the speakers were introduced to Reiki, and how they continue to use Reiki to help themselves, and others. Their experiences with Reiki motivate us to dig deeper, and find out more about ourselves, and our own Reiki journey.


I know of nowhere else in the world you can experience the many internationally known Reiki Masters, authors, and teachers. The variety of topics covered was staggering, and whatever your level of Reiki knowledge, there was someone and something there for everyone.


The Reiki Summit was my first official Reiki community event outside the classes I’ve taken. As a new practitioner, I found the summit speakers, topics, and updates very valuable in shaping a well-rounded view on Reiki and its far-reaching effects. Thank you!


Thank you so much for delivering this workbook to me. I needed this reminder about Reiki and my daily living. Thanks for being my blessing.


Thank you. I am so grateful for these beautiful, healing and powerful tools you have created and shared. Bless each and every one of the Reiki Rays team.

Laura-Ann Ahloy

Totally immersive, magical experience that gives an overview of all the facets of Reiki in an un-biased, educational way. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you have been practicing for many years, this summit is transformative to the highest degree.


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