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The Bubble Shower Meditation to Rejuvenate Yourself

I’ve always been fascinated about the air bubbles. Haven’t you played with them? Most grown-ups become childlike for a few moments when they watch air bubbles floating in the breeze. If you observe yourself more closely you’ll know that anything and everything that connects you to your child ‘Self’ has a huge impact in your […] Read more

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Reiki Circle Opening Meditation

I am part of a Reiki Circle that meets once a month. We spend about an hour learning about a topic that we feel compliments Reiki and then about an hour doing group Reiki healing sessions. We open the Circle with introductions and a short meditation. This month, it will be my turn to guide […] Read more

Four Steps to Healing the Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is a beautiful space in our being. It acts as a connecting bridge between the lower and higher chakras. When it is in balance, the Heart chakra is as a wellspring of nourishment and love. However, it is also one of the most traumatized chakras in people. Some factors that cause the […] Read more


Reiki Guidance Week VIII

Reiki Guidance VIII

We’re still under the energy of the second Libra Full Moon. Let’s see what this portal of possibilities and change wants to share with us? What’s the message here for each of us? Look at the cards below, take a deep breath, and choose one you feel drawn to. We’ll reveal your card at 9pm […] Read more

What We Allow Will Continue! - Transmuting Anger

I am often asked where do I get my peaceful attitude from, I always reply with a smile and say from the daily practice of self-Reiki. The truth is I am peaceful by nature. Yet, at a certain period of my life, I had lots of anger to deal with. Back then, I used to […] Read more

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