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Heart Chakra Meditation

Article by Amisha Mehta

The Sanskrit word of Heart chakra is “Anahata” which means unhurt, unstuck and infinite. It is the heart where all the emotions are stored and we experience the feeling of joy, happiness, peace, jealousy, sadness, etc. In other words, it can be called “Power House of Feelings”. It connects materialism to spirituality as it connects the lower three chakras to the upper three chakras. Thus it is important for the evolution and development of the spirituality.

It allows infinite love to flow through us which helps us heal ourselves as well as others. Most of the Men and Women experience unbalanced Heart chakra as women are too emotional and men are too practical.

Heart chakra doesn’t only govern “Love” for others but also for Self. In my Reiki attunement class, I always ask my students “When will you give Rs. 500 to your most loved person if s/he comes and asks for it” and answer to it is very simple. The answer is “Only when you have it”. Likewise is the case with Love. You can spread love only when you have enough of it. Thus Self-love is a very important aspect of balanced Heart chakra. The more you love yourself, the better you will be able to love others. And this goes for all the positive emotions.

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People with overactive Heart chakra have their emotions ruling them. Their emotions are at extreme i.e., extreme sadness or extreme happiness. They are manipulative, judgmental, and critical and they love conditionally. They may be totally into a relationship where they are just the giver or they will be totally a non-people pleaser.

People with underactive Heart chakra find it difficult to keep a positive attitude. They may feel unloved, unworthy and unappreciated and this will manifest in the world around you, confirming these beliefs. They always have a shield around themselves not letting anyone enter their life easier as they always have trust issues.

People with balanced Heart chakra are very compassionate for all living creatures. They are kind, caring, understanding and joyous, humanitarian, tolerant and live life to the fullest. They are very patient and take everything in their stride. They are neither judgmental nor critical. They love to spend time with themselves and don’t rush into relationship. Sexual energy can surrender and merge in a love relationship. It helps to respect each and every emotion (positive and negative) but not get attached to that emotion.

Heart Chakra Meditation

Image by geralt

Here I am presenting a meditation that will help you keep your Heart chakra balanced. You will require an internet connection and youtube, a picture of Heart chakra, candle diffuser, green colour candle, essential oil. Though they are optional, it gives an added touch to the whole meditation.

Heart Chakra Meditation:

  • Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position in a clean place.
  • You can sit in a mudra governing the Heart chakra.
  • You can start instrumental music relating to Heart chakra from youtube if it doesn’t disturb you.
  • You can light a green colour candle. You can add essential oil like rosemary, lavender, jasmine, etc to the candle diffuser.

    Heart Chakra

  • Take three deep breaths and start looking at the Heart chakra symbol for few minutes and then slowly close your eyes and calm yourself taking in deep breathes till you feel you are ready to start with your meditation.
  • Start with imagining beautiful shade of green at the Heart chakra and chant the beej mantra “Yum” for a few minutes.
  • You can start with chanting “Yum” at a higher pitch with prolonged “M”. Let the sound get absorbed in your system.
  • Then as you breathe in and out deeply ask the inner light of your holy spirit to cleanse and dissolve all the darkness from your “Heart chakra” by saying “I am willing to release any fears that I have about receiving and giving love, now. I ask my holy-spirit and light eternal to cleanse away all blocks that keep me from fully enjoying my love.”
  • Then start saying the affirmations (listed below) that you resonate the most and repeat them as many times as you can depending on the time you have. The more you say affirmations, the quicker the result.
  • Then imagine as if your Heart chakra is perfectly balanced and that all your concerns have been healed. Be in this mode for few minutes.
  • Take a deep breath and state “I now fully allow myself to give and receive Love. I am safe and I am loved. I love, I love, I love, I love, I love.”
  • Be in this moment for few minutes. Smile and slowly and gently open your eyes.

The list of Affirmation:

  • I give and receive love, forgiveness, and compassion to myself and others effortlessly and unconditionally. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude.
  • My heart is free from past hurts.
  • I have unconditional compassion for myself and others.
  • I choose joy.
  • My Heart chakra is empowered with love.
  • Love is my guiding truth.
  • It is safe for me to be in a loving relationship.
  • I am fully open to giving and receiving love.
  • I forgive myself as well as others.

Other techniques for balancing Heart chakra are as follows:

  • Sitting in open air, lying down on the grass, being around trees or plants helps to balance Heart chakra naturally.
  • One can play ‘F’ note on any musical instrument for balancing the Heart chakra.
  • One can hear instrumental music which is on 341.3Hz. One can keep the music on and keep working. It will still balance the Heart chakra.
  • One can eat leafy veggies, broccoli, green tea, etc to keep their Heart chakra balanced.
  • One can keep green calcite, green tourmaline, jade, etc for balancing the Heart chakra.
  • One can do yoga poses such as Uttanasana, Marjariasana, Bhujangasana, etc to balance the Heart chakra.

Hoping the above meditation will guide you to balance the Heart chakra and enjoy Love and Life to the fullest. In case of any doubts or further assistance, one can get in touch with me.

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Amisha Mehta
Amisha Mehta

After 6 years of corporate job as Equity Research Analyst, Amisha Mehta took a break for her marriage. After settling down in her new home, she started organizing events in 2012 at orphanages, old age homes, street school and on outskirts of Mumbai once every month for 5 years. While she was satisfied doing social service she was looking out for something which would give her financial independence and ended up getting attuned for Reiki. As she always says, Reiki chose her and she started the journey of healing. Afterward, there was no looking back for her. Along with her healing and attunements, she also runs Access Bars for her clients. She also makes customized candles for healing as required by other healers. She has her own whatsapp group group called Soul_Reconnect where she sends inspirational posts, shares tips on various matters, helps with techniques, etc. Reach Amisha at amisha.haria@gmail.com or by phone at 9820852076.

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    I am in a Love relationship, but not yet committed!!!…. I have been noticing that when my love is thinking about me, calling, or texting on the phone, I am having strong love feelings for him @ the same time!!! Is this possible??? I have had all Reiki classes, Holy Fire +…….. Do you feel Reiki makes you more reception to other people???

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