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I Will Honour My Parents, Teachers and Elders.

Today I am focussing on the third Reiki Principle, “I will honour my parents, teachers and elders”. This is the principle that I have found has most often been altered or added to. I added “and Guides” to my personal practice as I work with Guides and feel it’s good to remind myself to connect […] Read more

Discovering and Deepening Ones Relationship with your Guides

In these articles we are going to be discussing techniques for getting in touch with your guides and deepening our relationships with them. These techniques are suited for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. These are the techniques we will be using today. • Quiet Meditation • Guided Meditation to meet your Guide • Daily […] Read more

Healing from Guides

Dear Fellow Healers, First, I want to acknowledge you for your work as a Reiki healer. It’s a very big undertaking to state that you are going to serve, and to heal yourself and others is to serve in a very deep, transformational way. It takes a lot of courage to be able to step […] Read more


Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go

We often burden ourselves with the overwhelming task of trying to control situations and outcomes. It is great to have desires and to expect nothing but the best for our lives. However, it is futile to obsess over how we will reach our desires outcomes in life. When we surrender the need to control the […] Read more

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The All Important Reiki Dedication

all important reiki dedication

We start all our Reiki sessions by turning our Reiki on. Often saying a short aspiration for the benefit of our recipient. These opening aspirations are more important than is normally let on. They set the program and tone for our Reiki. They can be long or short. Some involve little rituals, others no more […] Read more

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