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Cord Cutting with Reiki and Archangel Michael

As we go about our lives, we form energetic cords with various people and situations. These cords keep us confined to unhealthy patterns that rob us of precious energy. We may have formed several cords over years (and lifetimes) without any awareness that we were doing this. But hereafter, we can choose to pay attention […] Read more

Candle Ritual with a Tinge of Reiki

The fire element has the mystical power that burns all your negativity and blockages, manifests your heart’s desires, and keeps evil eye at bay. The best way to make this mystical fiery power part of your life is through candles. When you think of fire, you think of dancing flames and when you think of […] Read more

Finding New Understanding in Our Trials

As humans, we have a tendency to expect there to be a simple answer for things that will make every difficulty go away. In our search of for this, we often look for someone or something to blame, thinking that this will take the hardship off of us. But most of the time, we make […] Read more


Animal Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guides

We all know we have spirit guides to assist us, they are always around us. Same way, we have animal spirit guides. Animals have great spiritual connections. Animal spirit guides are our protectors, guides, and companions. They follow instructions to guide and protect human from Creator, God and Angels. Pay attention to the animals that […] Read more

The Golden Scroll Manifestation

The Golden Scroll technique is the way to manifest our dreams, goals, and wishes by working with the Universe. You send your wish to Universe through this Golden Scroll. This technique works by removing all negative energy and blockages attached to wish/goal and by putting positive thoughts to amplify the healing. The Golden Scroll technique […] Read more

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