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Starseeds: Signs, Mission & Communication

Are you an energy healer and space lover rolled into one? Do you experience awe, happiness or comfort when you gaze at the stars? Have you ever felt drawn to a place that you love but can’t quite locate on Earth’s territory? Have you ever considered the possibility that your soul may have incarnated on […] Read more

Messages from Animal Spirit Guides

Spirit is always sending us guidance and watching over our soul’s journey on Earth and beyond. Spirit uses various people, beings and energies as mediums to send us guidance and healing. Angels, Ascended Masters, ancestors and unborn baby souls often act as Spirit Guides to humans. Very often, plants and animals act as Spirit Guides […] Read more

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A Golden Gift for You: Mother Mary & Jesus Speak

Dearest Ones, Greetings! We come to you today with a message of love. We bring a present for you – a bubble of Golden Light. This Golden Bubble is a high vibrational energetic cocoon that provides an unconditional space for you. Within this space, you are safe to feel your deepest emotions. In the higher […] Read more

Channelled Message from Dr Mikao Usui

A burst of light from the Heavens, a shimmer, a golden ray, descended on Earth many many years ago. This burst of light brought with it a new frequency for Earth souls. The Divine gift of Reiki was bestowed upon humankind. This seemingly mysterious energy, if you will allow it, can touch your body, mind, […] Read more

Gene Keys and Reiki

There are so many aspects in need for healing that sometimes we are hopeless and procrastinate our inner work. Those momentous few minutes of daily Reiki practice never come because often we don’t know where to steer first the healing energy. Reiki goes where it’s needed most but our human mind needs to focus on […] Read more

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