The All Important Reiki Dedication


Article by Jason Grace

We start all our Reiki sessions by turning our Reiki on. Often saying a short aspiration for the benefit of our recipient. These opening aspirations are more important than is normally let on. They set the program and tone for our Reiki. They can be long or short. Some involve little rituals, others no more than washing the hands. It is how we approach these actions and aspirations that determine their effectiveness and potency. Do we see them as our connection to the Reiki tradition or some mumbo jumbo? Do we honestly mean what we aspire to, or are we just paying lip-service? Are the actions at the beginning hollow or full of meaning? We will explore ways to deepen our practice through our dedication ritual at the beginning of our sessions.

The most basic ritual we can work with is hand-washing before we begin. We visualize the water cleansing not just the dirt away but negative energies as well. Anything can be washed away like this, just see it as a dark smoky liquid running down the drain. Feel your hands as crystal-like, clear and empty. Nothing remaining to impede the flow of Reiki. Take your time with this. Do not rush. Breathe deeply. Feel the cleansing properties of the water coming from deep within the Earth. Feel the negative energies being carried away to be purified. Take as long as is needed.

If you have completed Reiki II, then you can use your symbols also. Place CKR on the soles of your feet, the palms of your hands and all your chakras. I usually do this within my mind’s eye, silently saying the name of the symbol 3 times for each placement. I see them opening up, shining, clear of all blockages and obstructions. The central channel glowing blue on the outside, hollow like a flute, red on the inside. Feel yourself opening up to the flow of Light. The Light comes in from the top and goes down to your center before being channeled all the way to your fingertips. Visualize it like a magnetic field, concentrated all around you. I usually feel pretty energized at this point and ready to begin calling in my guides. A guide is a personification of your higher-self and they represent a connection to wisdom.

all important reiki dedication
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When I call in my guides, I ask for them by name. I ask that they contribute their energy where needed and when needed according to their expertise. I have numerous guides so that I feel like I’m working with a team of healers. After a while of regular practice, most people develop a relationship with one or more guides. Invite them to help you now, to assist in whatever way they can. They are here to help. They are always ready to go. If you listen quietly enough you will hear them. Thank them for being here to assist you.

The last part I do before beginning the actual session is the aspiration. I always activate my energy verbally to myself. After that, I dedicate the healing to the person’s highest good, whatever that may be. In this manner we help remove our ego from the process. We are not giving them energy, it’s more that they are drawing it through us. We dedicate it, so it can go where it is truly needed. What symptoms we are treating may have a very different underlying cause. We need to let go of what we believe, to be able to work to our full potential. Being clear, crystal-like and hollow are all visualizations that help us with that. During the aspiration is the best time to build this visualization, and we should try to maintain it throughout the session.

These are all techniques that I use in my personal practice. They have developed my practices immensely and helped me become a more open channel. That’s all we can go for, to be more open. Part of Reiki is just being available for what is. I hope my insights can inspire and inform your practices. I dedicate these teachings for the benefit of all.

Jason Grace

Jason Grace

Jason Grace is owner of The New Hampshire Meditation and Spiritual Center. He is a Western Vajrayana Buddhist Ngakpa who has been practicing for over 25 years. His focus is on ancient practices that can be applied to any tradition. These practices are to reconnect us with our true selves, nature, nirvana and to relax into our natural state of being. He also does energetic work using several different lineages of techniques like elemental recovery, Reiki, sacred sound and crystals, just to name a few. The karmic vision of his tarot readings is truly unique in its scope and application. His main goal is promotion of peace, healing and harmony through practice and development of our spiritual qualities. Reach Jason at, by email at and on Facebook


  1. Thank you. I usually ask the archangels for issuance/help. How do you know your spirit guides names? I sometimes imagine my spirit guides are my grandparents who have passed away. Thanks , missy

    • My guides names have come to me over time. In some instances I had to ask their names and in others I just knew or it was offered. You can also request a particular guide to come work with you. I will have to make that the subject of my next article! Thank you for reading! _()_

  2. I enjoyed this article very much. I am always interested in the way that individuals practice Reiki. I also find it helpful at the end of my sessions to ask that the Reiki energy flow for The person being treated long after the session has ended. I always ask that the Reiki be available to them whenever it is needed until their next session.

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