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Discovering and Deepening One’s Relationship with your Guides

Article by Jason Grace

In these articles we are going to be discussing techniques for getting in touch with your guides and deepening our relationships with them. These techniques are suited for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

These are the techniques we will be using today.

• Quiet Meditation
• Guided Meditation to meet your Guide
• Daily Practice/Calling All Guides/Diligence

First, it is good to have some sort of meditation practice. It can be as simple as quiet walks in nature or as traditional as sitting on a zafu cushion. Whatever works and is easiest for you. What you are looking for is some time to quiet your everyday mind. You want to let your thoughts run out. When thoughts of worries and responsibilities arise, just label it “thinking about work” or whatever the thought may be about, and let it go. They tend to continue to arise, which is normal, just keep applying the method. You do not want to stop the arising of thoughts, just lingering on them. This creates an even relaxed flow of thoughts in your mind. This is a very good way to train ones self to listen to your guide, which is essential in establishing and developing your connection. This also helps you differentiate between your thought process and that of communication with your guide. Day to day meditation gets you familiarized with your ordinary mind, so that you can recognize the higher communication.

Discovering and Deepening Ones Relationship with your Guides

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The first exercise we are going to do will involve some water. This is done to give us a direct sense of the feelings associated with this meditation. Involving body sensation like this, is one of the techniques that my tradition uses for a deeper connection. Now, we can do this in a few different ways, whatever suits you and your means. We can go to a lake or other calm body of water. You could fill your bathtub or just a wide bowl with water. Now place your hands upon the water. Do not submerse them. Just feel the surface, the tension, the subtle movement. Just like an insect skimming on the surface, don’t break it. Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Rest your attention in the palms of your hands. Continue to breathe deeply, and bring your attention back to the membrane of the water. You can use the thinking “mantra” from your meditation to disengage from your normal train of thought. Do this for five minutes or so, then gently push your hands slowly through the membrane that is the surface of the water. This completes the first exercise. Dry your hands and relax a moment.

Now, I want you to sit and relax. You can do this where you have been meditating, or someplace out in nature. Enter into the meditative state by taking some deep breaths. Let the calm settle in your mind. Now, hold your hands up in front of you at your hearts level. They should face away from you, palms outward. Close your eyes and recall the feeling of touching the surface of the water. Feel the tension, the membrane. Relax breath deeply, and exhale, feeling the barrier quiver with your breath. This is the membrane between worlds. Feel your hands pressing up against it. Activate all your symbols and place them in your hands. Ask “May I contact my guide. May they be known to me. May I feel their presence.” Now you can embellish this with whatever you like from your personal beliefs. Feel free to add a Blessed be, Amen, or OM AH HUNG to the end. This is to contact YOUR personal guide, so personalize it. Experiment. After you make this aspiration, push your hands through the membrane. Remember the feeling of breaking the surface tension of the water. It parts and the feeling changes. Just feel, be neutral, do your best to be free of desiring a certain outcome.

This can take practice to be effective. The information doesn’t always come as a physical one in your hands. It can come in other forms as well, like an image or even a voice. You can think of this as a sort of hand shake at the beginning of a daily meditation session. Consciously break the barrier, contacting your guide, then relax and receive. After a couple of sessions ask questions, get to know your guide. Building and deepening this connection can take time, be patient. At the end of the meditation or Reiki session give thanks for their presence and help. Be earnest.

One time doing this outside, I had two dragonflies land on the tips of my middle finger of each hand. Talk about confirmation! Safe to say, I have always had a connection to them. I remember playing with them as child on Johnson’s Pond in Rhode Island. They loved the fields of yellow flowers by the railroad tracks, just past the edge of the trees. This is a totem that has been with me my whole life, that has taught me many things.

In the next article, we will discuss working with our guides during a Reiki session and developing our visualization of our guide(s). If you practice this, when I release the other article it will have a much richer meaning to you. I hope these practices help you in contacting your spirit guides and totems. Thank you for this opportunity to share this wisdom with you. May your connections continue to deepen and grow for the highest benefit of you and all beings.

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Jason Grace

Jason Grace

Jason Grace is owner of The New Hampshire Meditation and Spiritual Center. He is a Western Vajrayana Buddhist Ngakpa who has been practicing for over 25 years. His focus is on ancient practices that can be applied to any tradition. These practices are to reconnect us with our true selves, nature, nirvana and to relax into our natural state of being. He also does energetic work using several different lineages of techniques like elemental recovery, Reiki, sacred sound and crystals, just to name a few. The karmic vision of his tarot readings is truly unique in its scope and application. His main goal is promotion of peace, healing and harmony through practice and development of our spiritual qualities. Reach Jason at http://NHmeditationcenter.com/, by email at NHmeditationcenter@gmail.com and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nhmeditationandspiritualcenter/.

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