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June 2013

Many of us are our own worst enemies.  We say things to ourselves that we would not put up with from anyone else. These are often habits of a lifetime, learned from an early age.  Examine your own inner dialog. Some of us have negativity running as a constant soundtrack.  I’ll admit, I can be [...]


How do we use Reiki to help change the way we think about things so that our intentions are clear, and so that we may live in the reality that we desire?  This is a topic that is discussed by many authors and self-help motivational speakers. So how do we do it?  How do we [...]


One weekend, years ago, I went to the town of Mendocino, on the California Coast.  It was a sunny, warm and beautiful day as I walked on the beach near Little River, which was unusual weather for that time of year.  I found an old piece of driftwood and felt compelled to sit down.  As [...]


Forever Present in the Past

In silent prayer I seek guidance; in silent meditation, I listen for the answers that would take me to a place of knowledge and understanding where the past, present, and future are one. Here translucent lines of time merge as the past present and future disappear before my eyes and time stand still. Images fade [...]


Reiki and Pregnancy

I sometimes get the question whether is it possible to help a woman to get pregnant by giving Reiki treatment. Well, I share my story and you can find out… I was a beginner, freshly attuned for the Reiki I level and so quite excited about my new amazing skill. I was going to the [...]


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