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Thoughts + Intentions = Reality

Article by Reiki Master Judy Camblor

How do we use Reiki to help change the way we think about things so that our intentions are clear, and so that we may live in the reality that we desire?  This is a topic that is discussed by many authors and self-help motivational speakers.

So how do we do it?  How do we use our Reiki attunements for the greater good and create the reality we seek?  For starters, you don’t have to worry about what level of Reiki attunement you are currently at, because it does not matter.  What does matter is that you can always send Reiki energy to the things in your life that you would like to improve once you have been attuned.  Below are general steps to one method that can be used to send Reiki energy to your intentions.  The steps will vary depending on individual Reiki levels, but the quick list is easy to follow.

Level 1 Reiki Practitioners

For a person who is attuned in Level 1 Reiki, I recommend writing an intention on a piece of paper.  While you are writing the intention, you must visualize in your mind that intention becoming your reality.  In other words, use your imagination while writing the intention.  You can be as creative as you like by imagining an entire scenario, or you can be as focused as you need to be on just a mental picture of the object or goal.  Once you have created your thought and intention, now activate you Reiki in the manner in which you were taught.  By holding the written intention between the palms of your hands and sending Reiki energy to the intention, you are creating the intention and empowering it.  This simple technique can be used by any Reiki practitioner, and is good practice for a quick intention-on-the-go.

Level 2 Reiki Practitioners

For a person who is attuned in Level 2 Reiki, the variations are more diverse since you now have the ability to not only send Reiki, but you can also enforce it using Reiki symbols.  The type of symbol you should use will depend on the type of intention you wish to set.  As you know by now, Cho Ku Rei, or the power symbol, works for everything.

Image by jimd2007

However, you have the option to use Se Hei Ki, or the mental/emotional symbol, which works on different types of emotional and mental healing and balance; and you can also use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, or the distance symbol, which works with sending distance healing.  You can vary the next steps depending on what your own intuition tells you to do in terms of where to place the intention once you have completed the process.

Reiki 3 or Master/Teacher Level Practitioners

As Masters, we are attuned with yet another set of symbols, and we are also given the ability to use a Reiki grid.  The Reiki grid is a very useful tool in the practice of the thought/intention/reality practice.  As stated previously, once the intention is written, choosing the symbol you are going to use for your intentions should be guided by your own intuition.  Symbols may be used singularly or in combination with others.

Here are the general steps:

Step 1. Create thoughts into intentions and write them down.  (Don’t forget, be as creative or goal oriented as you need.
Step 2. Activate your Reiki energy and draw Reiki symbols over the written intention.  Always draw the Power symbol first before using any other symbols.
Step 3. Hold the written intention between the palms of your hands and send Reiki energy to the intention you are holding.  (Remember to try to hold that intention for anywhere from two to five minutes depending on your focus.)
Step 4. Set the written intention down and re-draw the symbols you previously used over the intention, always remembering to use the power symbol last as a “sealer.”
Step 5. Place the intention in your Reiki grid with the appropriate number and/or type of crystals.
* You can additionally send Reiki energy to your intention while it is sitting in the grid (and including the use of symbols) on a daily basis until you instinctively decide to remove it.

 Quick tip!  Intentions should be written with the most natural of resources.  As a writing instrument, I recommend the use of a pencil; and for the paper, I recommend the use of trace paper or brown paper bags from a grocery store.

As always, we should be mindful of the intentions wet set and request from our divine source or higher self that the outcome be for the greater good of all.  Reiki was created for healing and for improving our lives, not for manipulating destiny, and it should be respected as such.

Judy Camblor
Judy Camblor

Judy Camblor is a certified affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho style of Reiki and is also certified in Crystal Healing. Her education in the holistic healing arts is a journey and a work-in-progress where she enjoys participating in all types of metaphysical training to share knowledge, awareness, and empowerment to all of her clients. Prior to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Healer, Judy practiced as a spiritual-life counselor providing angel card readings. Judy has been treating adults, children, and pets with Reiki for almost ten years, and she has been authoring articles for Reiki Rays since 2013. Her home-based studio is located in Miami, Florida, where she lives with her daughter.
Judy can be reached via e-mail at Judy.LovingLight@hotmail.com; or through her website at www.LovingLightReiki.net.

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  • suefreire@yahoo.com June 25, 2013, 5:23 am

    Thank you Master Judy.

    I very much appreciated your article and thank you for the tips provided. I will pass your wisdom into my personal universe.

  • Sneha December 5, 2013, 8:34 pm

    You mentioned in your article that reiki cannot be used to manipulate destiny.
    That is where I get a little confused. For ex if I am trying to give reiki for getting my desired job / house at my favorite destination but if it is not in my destiny, how will reiki work?

    • Divya April 8, 2014, 3:56 pm

      Dear Sneha,
      Let me start this reply with a simple question? If your friend asks you to send reiki for her to buy a new house or a right job, Will you give Reiki for same? I am sure you will. If you can give Reiki for her, then why not for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Reiki is a tool to get our legitimate needs and wants satisfied. Please remember not all of us are Buddha, with enough enlightenment to have no desires at all. Infact, we are all in the path to do so and there is nothing wrong to use this tool to get your material needs satisfied. Just imagine if you have your own home and then obviously, you will save the money that you shell-out as rent every month. Don’t you think you can donate some of this free cash to a needy or use it in a way that brings happiness to others????? Also, as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs points out, we must get our needs met so that we naturally and effortlessly concentrate into getting our spiritual needs met.
      It is true that Reiki should not be used to maipulate our destiny but then it is also, true that we can leave the final decision with Reiki. My teacher says that It is an intelligent light and knows what should be fulfilled. And, I am sure if your are happy, the power of your Reiki will also be higher!!!!!!! Think about this.
      Okay, now the important part how to write intentions, which do not lead to manipulation of Reiki. When you write Reiki intentions, you can use words by which you can surrender the outcome of your intention to Reiki. For eg; if we take your intention to find a new job. You may draft the intention as ‘I intend that I have secured a job with excellent pay, near to my home and with excellent working environment (you can add anyother criteria too) or something better manifests itself, according to the Divine design of my life, by (date), in totally harmonious and satisfying manner. May Reiki energise this intention for the highest good of everyone concerned.’ In this way, you can draft intention for other stuffs too. Besides, you can go through some websites on google also, they have pretty amazing stuff there.
      Hope this helps and do let me know your feelings about this reply.

      Looking forward to hear from you.

      Love Divya.

      • Nina September 24, 2014, 11:16 am

        Dear Divya,

        does physiological desires come under manipulating destiny? desiring somebody !! when both the concerned are already married? i m struggling with this thought pattern with quite some time and seeking resolution.

        can somebody englighten how to use reiki in such situation?



  • Tomas Richard July 18, 2014, 2:04 am

    Reiki can be used to dissolve our bad karmas…or rather reducing its effects on our destiny…especially Karuna Reiki is very useful in this matter.

  • Emily Wyatt March 1, 2017, 8:25 pm

    I will be doing reiki one at the end of March. I am super excited, I will be healing as well as using Reiki in my Wicca practice. It marries so well with our beliefs and practices. I have dubbed it Wicc ei(geddit) Reiki Wicca lol.Blessed be

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