Forever Present in the Past

Article by Phillip Hawkins

In silent prayer I seek guidance; in silent meditation I listen for the answers that would take me to a place of knowledge and understanding where the past, present and future are one. Here translucent lines of time merge as the past present and future disappear before my eyes and time stands still. Images fade only to return like distant echo’s to be swept beyond my grasp as I try to hold on to precious memories worn and warmed by the passing of time.

Sights and sounds play across a sea of emotion that ebb and flow with each new vision, sounds long past evoke a life long forgotten when age had not taken its time from me. Voices that once brought comfort are no more than whispers in a breeze carried away like opportunities lost, once again I’m alone with only my thoughts for comfort.

Like a child looking at its own reflection I stare in wonderment; but the face l see before me is not my own, I see shadows of what was, what is and all that shall be. With a gentleness born of innocence I reach out only to see the images dissolve and trickle through my fingers like grains of sand.

Image by LuvMI

All that was is no more; all that is, is but a memory of what is yet to come and that which I thought would stand as testament will eventually be lost to memory as life moves on and covers them with the dust of new experiences. That which is built by the hands of man must one day succumb to the hands of time.

Stillness descends as silently as night falls and peace prevails; before me I am shown the legacy of love bequeathed as a consequence of my actions, love and kindness like ripples spreading beyond my own horizon to gently rest on far distant shores.

Infinity lies beyond the limits of my understanding; yet my capacity to love and be loved allows me to transcend time and guide the faltering footsteps of those yet to be born. The seeds of good deeds sown in the knowledge and understanding that they will one day bear fruit as a testament to my passing.

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Phillip Hawkins

Phillip Hawkins

Phillip Hawkins is a practicing psychic medium. He has been practicing Reiki since 1999, and he’s been a Reiki teacher since 2000. In addition to teaching, when time allows he gives talks and leads discussion groups on the above topics. Applying Reiki on a daily basis has transformed his life and continues to do so as each day brings with it a new and deeper understanding of Reiki and of life. Phillip would like the opportunity to share that knowledge experience with others in an open minded and non judgemental way in a Reiki Rays ‘community of enquiry’.

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