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Reiki and Pregnancy

Article by Vali Máté

I sometimes get the question whether is it possible to help a woman to get pregnant by giving Reiki treatment. Well, I share my story and you can find out…

I was a beginner, freshly attuned for the Reiki I level and so quite excited about my new amazing skill. I was going to the Academy of Alternative Medicine this time where studied lots of different interesting „secret” stuff. I was amazed and  happily starting up anything abundantly  what I’ve been taught, wherever I saw an opportunity to do so.

I had been treating a dear young couple, giving body massage to the boy and feet massage, reflexology to the girl. I was treating them on an on call basis. On an occasion we had a long conversation and the girl revealed to  me that they desperately would like to have a baby and had been trying and trying for about six months…without any result. I became excited about this great opportunity and offered a Reiki treatment to them to try out if it helps. I myself was very curious too. So I gave them Reiki…

After this treatment they didn’t call me for a long time. It was unusual. As a beginner, inexperienced therapist I thought they weren’t satisfied with my last action and just had become disappointed. Some months have gone… when the girl called me and apologize for not calling me before, but… they have plenty of tasks as she is expecting a baby. She became pregnant in the next period, right after my last visit…

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While they were abandoning my service I wasn’t idle of course. I was spending my usual wild camping holiday in the forest at the riverside with my friends and was swimmingly in a sea of „patients”. There was a couple too with the same desire among my mates and interestingly they couldn’t succeed either. So I offered my service happily, saying ’who knows’ and gave the boy Reiki for a week on the sandy riverbank. I also massaged his tense shoulder muscles and gave Reiki for the girl once…

I received news from the circle of friends in the fall that she is pregnant and they are happily preparing for their first child… Adam is a big nine years old boy since.

I wasn’t sure what to think as I am not sure today either. I have got a third case for consideration anyway right next year. With a kinesiologist friend of mine we mutually shared treatments with each other at a period of time. She was working on my subconscious originated emotions, I gave her massage, reflexology treatments and Reiki. Actually we had fun just to practice our new skills. As she has just a boyfriend they had no such a plan as a child. And yet, the little soul was attracted by something to arrive into this physical world… After some Reiki treatment my friend was expecting  her little girl and they have got married with her boyfriend… Zoe already has a little sister since.

Our tiny, rational human mind desperately wants to understand the intentions of the vast Universe… that is obviously impossible…

Vali Máté is a Reiki and Alternative Therapy Practitioner was born in Hungary. She has changed her teacher and journalist carrier in order to share her experience and knowledge as a result of recovery from a serious illness. She has recovered following natural methods only. Since then Vali covered walking a 800 km pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago, Spain), lived in North-Africa followed by London and now living in Scotland. Setting up her therapy business and Self-development project in East Ayrshire. Her four-legged friend, Cherry joins her work as a Therapet. Vali is preparing for her book with lots of messages from an adventurous and experience-rich life. She considers her serious disease to be one of the biggest gifts and wake-up call of her life. Find Vali on the web here:

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  • karen smith June 21, 2013, 3:25 pm

    HOW WONDERFULL !!! i also have had few similar experiences and i think Reiki just noes what the body needs , and maybe unblocking blockages is what helps them to conceive , fantastic .
    i also always pick up on the loss of a baby too no matter how long ago , its so traumatizing to the mother its hard to let go 🙁 good news though after a few Reiki sessions in my experience they have been able to move on and have brighter out look on life xxx i love this work so much xxx

    • Vali June 22, 2013, 8:08 pm

      Dear Karen, thank you for your comment. I think Reiki just flows according to the enormous Intelligence and does what the person need the most. Regardless of the human mind (“good”, “bad”) which is not able to see the big picture. Love and Light, Vali

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