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June 2013

Reiki and Personal Growth

Reiki is a personal growth practice. Natural healing has the potential to reach beyond the therapeutic experience of healing itself. Scientific studies give evidence of the bio-electric frequency induced by a Reiki treatment. However the fact that these studies are ad hoc and often ‘topical’ does not show the far-reaching effects of a medium and […] Read more


We have all participated in Reiki Shares and seen our colleagues providing Reiki treatments in ways dissimilar from our own. Diversity in Reiki practice is part of our community since Reiki is not regulated or standardized by one outside authoritative agency. Some of us celebrate the diversity in the practice of Reiki, some of us […] Read more


Reiki Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery is removing negative energies and blocks from the aura and the body. It is a non-invasive method where the healer can actually pull out negative thought pattern, deep blocks, trauma etc. from the psyche of the patient. It is taught in the Master degree in Reiki and though it is not a part […] Read more


Reiki and Christianity

I often hear of Christians who are afraid to accept or practice Reiki because they feel it is going against Christianity and the teachings of Christ. It is not necessary for either the practitioner or the recipient to follow a particular belief system, or any belief system at all in order for Reiki to work. […] Read more


Editor’s note: This is Part 5 (last part) of a multi-part guide for Reiki practitioners. The series starts here. Reiki fun and games Group session A group of eight Reiki practitioners will be sitting in two circles of four. An inner circle of four practitioners holding their arms crossed so that the left hand will hold […] Read more

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