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Reiki Symbols Exposed in Detail

Reiki Symbols are already being explained through previous blogs and there is different level of energy evolved in each of them. In previous times, there was no number assigned for these symbols, and they were simply numbered from 1-4. However, later on, there was names assigned for them and each one of them got their different identity.

Cho Ku Rei is the first symbol and is termed as ‘Power Symbol’. It means ‘putting all universe power at one place’. This can make user to draw energy from surroundings, so that they can utilize and focus the energy to their respective levels. It can help in cleansing negativity and provide holistic protection, energy sealing, manifestation and sealing energies after any medical treatment or surgical procedure. Read more: Cho Ku Rei.

Sei He Ki is the symbol called ‘Mental-Emotional Symbol’ and it can help the people suffering from any sort of imbalance in mental or emotional terms. The meaning of Sei He Ki is ‘God and Humanity becomes one’. This symbol can help people for activation of Kundalini during meditation sessions, getting peace and harmony in life, improving memory, get rid of blockages, and align chakras, removal of addictions or ill effects and getting rid of negativity. Read more: Sei He Ki.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the third symbol and it is basically the distance symbol, which enables the channelization of Reiki through distances, regardless of its impacts on past, present or future life. It has collaborated view from 5 Japanese Kanji, referred to Source, Origin, Just or Right, Correctness and Idea or Thought. It also refers to the fact that correctness of consciousness is root for stability. Read more: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Dai Ko Myo is the last symbol and it can initiate students to different initiatory Reiki degrees. It is a powerful symbol used by Reiki masters for healing soul. It directly links up with the spiritual well-being of a person and can help to recover from any sort of illness in energy fields or sourced through aura. It can provide a sort of peace and enlightenment for a person and helps them to become psychic and intuitive in nature.

These symbols are activated by drawing them in your palm and remembering it for three-four times. It is then drawn on client’s hand or the required area to be treated. The symbols have power in them and if you can’t remember them in a correct way, it is possible to recall alias for harnessing energy in a better way. You will no longer require remembering them with regular practicing as these symbols will be embedded in your mind.

Reiki symbols should be used consequently to get best impact. You need to remember that most of them are used for various aspects and needs and using the right one will enable you to resolve a problem related to your mind, body or soul.

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  • Nix September 16, 2017, 5:55 pm

    Is it necessary to draw the symbols or just saying them three times to invoke the intention?

  • Lauren October 21, 2017, 12:53 pm

    It is more powerful if you draw and say them.

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