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What is Reiki Nur Ilahi?

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing and done through hands. Reiki master can teach you various aspects of this technique and you can get the ways to implement Reiki by getting attunement for different levels through a Reiki Master (teacher). It is feasible for you to become a master and give distance therapies or make others learn about Reiki.

Reiki Nur Ilahi refers to ‘Divine Ray of Enlightenment of awareness’. This form has 8 levels or stages, which are known as Magam. The people who learn Nur Ilahi Reiki can understand to heal emotions, mind and body by purification of spirit and soul. It is different from other forms of Reiki, in the sense that it doesn’t make use of any kind of symbols. The person should be Reiki master. It will make it easy for them to move from one level to another in getting knowledge about Reiki. There are lots of Reiki techniques to learn even after clearing level 8 of Reiki.

The goal of Reiki Nur Ilahi is to get unity for you and consciousness through the Almighty. This technique is not known to many people. There are many experts giving this training online and sharing their personal experiences with people. You can view the manual courses and see, if it interests you. Once you pass the course, you will be given a certification of completion of course. If you are looking a teacher to learn Reiki Nur Ilahi, you can first search online and see whether this field interests you or not.

The teacher for Reiki Nur Ilahi has to be competent and know all the aspects of the study to support your needs in future. It is a healing technique and can be used for others and your own self. After getting the course done, it will be best to practice this study with your friends and get towards higher attunement levels. You will know about your success rate, if you are able to bring changes towards the problems of your near ones. You can even try this with non living things, just to practice your skills.

The purpose of Reiki is deep and it can help you by becoming a guide for your life. You can’t master the skills overnight and need practice to implement reiki in the best way. In real sense, knowledge has to be earned by a practitioner to learn the powers of Reiki Nur Ilahi. You have to remember that this form of Reiki can rather make you a master and you will get permanent benefits for lifetime by learning this form of Reiki. Reiki is always beneficial and learning Nur Ilahi form of Reiki will make you even better.

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  • lynn mcadam August 15, 2014, 5:13 pm

    can you recommend a Reiki Nar llahi teacher

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