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Reiki Therapy: What does it include?

Reiki Therapy includes various elements and can spiritually heal a person to feel better from inside and outside. This Japanese healing art has become so popular due to its uniqueness for transferring the energy and restoring balance in bodies.

There are some fundamental effects of Reiki, including detoxification of body, increase of vibration inside the body, giving new vitality for healing energy, deep relaxation and eliminating negative energy from body. In Reiki therapy, practitioner will place their hands over the patient and lie down in a way to find peace and easiness. The patient should be ready to welcome the source of positive energy and ease a patient fully.

Reiki therapy begins from heads and moves till toes. The concept should be to place hands 2-4 inches away from patient’s body and the working of hands has to be in a close bonding with thumbs positioned upwards against head, such that positive energy possessed by practitioner gets transferred into the person who requires it. The healer and patient need to actively participate in the healing process, in the way that one sends energy and other one should be open to receive it.

Reiki strength fully depends on the level of attunement for healer. There are three types of energies and improvements are made through variations in attunement levels. Reiki healing in the primary level only includes basic hand positions and sacred symbol usages to perform direct healing over others. In second level, the symbols and hand positions are taught for practicing Reiki over others and in level 3, the person becomes a master and knows every aspect to Reiki to even teach others about it.

Are there risks evolved in Reiki therapy?

The answer is a BIG NO. There can be only one problem evolved and that is blockage of energy being given, but it can’t harm a person adversely. Reiki works in concurrence with western medicine and different other practices. It can help a person to get healed from inside and prepare them to undergo various procedures in life.

Reiki therapy might not give so good results after one session and it has to be done several times, till the patient becomes true recipient of this therapy. A practitioner is able to perform it on themselves to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, which becomes a part of life. There is more harmony and peace, if people undergo this treatment in a positive way. If you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, you will have to join some class conducted by certified Reiki master. Level 1 training will be provided for a few days and then 21 day cleansing period is performed before going to next level. You will find a list of Reiki therapy classes being offered through distance healing courses and you can decide whether offline or online classes would suit your preferences.

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