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Getting Started With Reiki Symbols

If you search the internet for information on Reiki symbols you will find a few variations in how some of the symbols are drawn and used by different healers. While browsing through some Reiki forums online you may come across several discussions regarding how different symbols should be drawn. A good recommendation is to practice whatever you learned from your master.

Getting started with the symbols can be very exciting. In your first distance healing session it is possible that you may focus more on the symbols than the issue that you want to resolve. This is quite natural. However, it is important to understand that the symbols will work even if they have not been invoked properly. It is important to learn the symbols and their names properly but at the same time in a healing session your entire focus should be on the issue that you want to resolve. Reiki is an intelligent energy force. So, even if you feel that you have not invoked a symbol properly, don’t panic. Just continue with the healing process.

Like any other thing Reiki too requires practice. So, one should not feel scared of making mistakes. For a healer every session is a learning process. As you master this art of healing you will realize that many times healing energies can be sent even if the symbols have not been invoked.

Certain situations will not give you time to sit in a relaxed state and follow an elaborate process of healing. Suppose you are driving and you witness an accident. In such a situation just express the desire to heal and Reiki will start working.

Some practitioners recommend to maintain a record of all healing sessions, as it will help you in improving your healing techniques.

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