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Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols which are generally considered sacred are an essential and interesting part of Reiki practice. They originate from Japanese Kanji and are basically words from the Japanese language which help improve the flow of Life Force energy. Traditionally, and for a long time, these symbols have been kept secret and only revealed to students who have reached the second degree and received the corresponding attunement.

The three important symbols given to a student during Level 2 attunement are Cho Ku Rei or the power symbol, Sei He Ki or the emotional and mental healing symbol, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the distance healing symbol.

The Importance of the Reiki Attunement

The symbols have no real power without attunement (or initiation) – therefore the attunement plays a vital role in giving power to the symbols so that they can accomplish their anticipated purpose. The Reiki Master usually shows them to the student before the attunement and gives the student time to memorize them. During the attunement process, the energies of each symbol enter the mind of the student and connect themselves to the appropriate symbol. The symbols are also placed in the student’s aura. Thus, after attunement when the symbol is invoked, the energies that have been connected previously are activated and the flow of energy is adjusted accordingly.

Using these symbols without attunement will fail to produce any kind of effect on the healing energies, as most Reiki Masters will agree.

How Do the Symbols Help in Reiki Practice

The symbols help a practitioner focus the healing energies. They are transcendental in nature. Apart from affecting the subconscious mind of the practitioner, they automatically connect one to God / Source / Universal consciousness. Whenever a symbol is used, the higher consciousness responds by altering the way the life fore energy flows. These symbols are like keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness or manifestation.

How to Use the Reiki Symbols

They can be activated by drawing them with the hand in the air, by visualizing them in your mind, by pronouncing their names loudly or to oneself, or even just by thinking about them. For some advanced practitioners, they get activated automatically whenever they are needed during a session.

At first they may seem a bit complicated to draw – but you’ll be relieved to know that really there is no wrong way to draw them. Different masters draw symbols differently. What’s important is the intention of the practitioner when invoking them.

The Three Reiki Symbols for Advanced Practitioners

During the Level 2 (Advanced) Attunement, three symbols are given to the student. They are briefly described below.

Cho Ku Rei or Power Symbol

Increases the power of the energy flow. It can be used anytime during a session. Many practitioners use it in the beginning to get a “power boost”, and in the end to seal the healing energies.

Cho Ku Rei - The Reiki Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei – The Reiki Power Symbol

Other uses of this symbol:

  • Provide protection on all levels (physical, verbal or emotional confrontation, psychic attack, etc).
  • Beneficial for spot treatment: using this symbol help direct Reiki energy to a particular spot that requires healing.
  • Helps create a positive atmosphere by clearing away all negative energies.
  • Provide power to other Reiki symbols when drawn before and/or after them.
  • Helps Enhance both personal and business relationships.

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Sei He Ki or the Mental / Emotional Healing Symbol

It is basically a harmony symbol or a peacemaker. It is used to balance both the right and left side of the brain, thereby bringing in peace, internally and externally.

Reiki Emotional / Mental Healing Symbol Sei He Ki

Reiki Emotional / Mental Healing Symbol Sei He Ki

This symbol is usually used to:

  • Heal problems (mental / emotional) such as depression, nervousness, anger or sadness.
  • Improve memory.
  • Aid in healing addictions such as smoking, alcohol or drugs.
  • Help find lost objects
  • Help heal headaches caused primarily due to emotional or mental stress.

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Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the Distance Healing Symbol

It is primarily used to send Reiki to others at a distance. Distance is not a barrier when using this symbol, and a practitioner can send healing energies to people across the room, across town, or even to the other side of the world.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen - The Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

This symbol can be used to:

  • Treat future situations: sending Reiki to any future event or activity using this symbol will help bring the best outcome for the situation.
  • Heal the past: using this symbol helps in healing traumatic experiences or even problems that stem from past lives.
  • Help keep the body, mind and spirit in harmony.
  • Channel energy to distant people or situations.

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Dai Ko Myo or the “Master” Symbol

The Dai Ko Myo is the symbol with the highest vibration and is therefore most transformative at the spiritual level. Using this symbol helps enhance the healing of the soul as the energies are sent to the more subtle layers of the aura and upper chakras. When the spiritual soul is healed, the mental and physical get healed automatically. The Dai Ko Myo symbol also helps heal our karma. Known as “all purpose healing” symbol and “empowerment” symbol, this Reiki symbol represents all that is Reiki, including personal empowerment and love.

Dai Ko Myo or the “Master” Symbol

Dai Ko Myo or the “Master” Symbol

This symbol can be used to :

  • To open channels during Reiki attunement and attune those who want to become Reiki practitioners.
  • Helps enhance the connection between the practitioner and universal energies and helps heal the soul.
  • Heals the chakras, the aura and any disease that initiates from our subconscious beliefs.
  • Helps provide enlightenment and become more psychic and intuitive.

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Midas Star or Abundance and Prosperity Symbol

Midas Star is a prosperity symbol, which is taught in Seichem Reiki or Karuna Ki. Midas Star is commonly known as prosperity symbol, but prosperity just does not mean money, it also means to bring about success in inter personal relations, luck and harmony to us and people around us. It brings around changes in all walks of life wherever there are blocks and helps us achieving our goals.

The Midas Star – Reiki Abundance and Prosperity Symbol

Midas Star – Reiki Abundance and Prosperity Symbol

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Rama Symbol

Rama symbol is one of the symbols of Karuna Reiki. It means God or Lord Rama. This symbol has two right ticks on tight side and left side. There is a spiral in the middle. The two right ticks are considered to be male and female energy. The spiral in between these two right ticks represents the bonding between male and female energy.

Rama Symbol

Rama Symbol

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Motor Zanon

Motor Zanon originally a part of Seichem Reiki, it is also taught in a Karuna Ki and is similar to Usui Master Symbol. Motor Zanon is made up of 2 words Motor which goes inside our body and Zanon which comes out. The symbol separates the virus from our body and brings it out.

Motor Zanon

Motor Zanon Symbol

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Reiki symbols play a significant role during a Reiki session. Using them not only helps channelling and focusing the energy, but also invoke feelings of peace, love, tranquillity, or even courage.

Using these symbols is a beautiful and wonderful way to create a connection or link with the higher consciousness. Their power and effectiveness is given to us by Grace, and most practitioners agree that we should receive them humbly and gratefully, as a gift from the Creator.

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