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Role Played by Reiki Symbols

Reiki Symbols and its significance are essential elements to be known to a person interested to practice Reiki. These symbols are important for getting physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing through life force energy channelization.

Reiki symbols are known as ‘Cryptic Symbols’ and they were being practiced from conventional form of Reiki. These symbols were under controversial terms for a long duration. It was a sort of dilemmatic for starters and was never taught to students, till they reached second attunement of spiritual healing. Reiki masters drafted multiple variations for decoding the Reiki Symbols.

Reiki Masters created their own variations with regard to their approach for holistic healing. It led to different symbol variations used for practicing Reiki. Reiki symbols have always been in controversial terms, but to clear off this dilemmatic condition, there were many studies and books revealed illustrating Reiki symbols and their significance. These studies cleared off the confusion in the minds of Reiki Masters and they began spreading secrets of this healing therapy to the whole world.

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Reiki aids effective practices

There are many variations of Reiki symbols and its concept depends on the school where it was being practiced.

Four standardised symbols of Reiki classes are:

1) Cho Ku Rei (Power Symbol): This symbol signifies for putting the power of whole universe here. This power symbol is used by many Reiki Masters as it enhances the scope of power in a person. ChoKuRei can increase the inner strength of a person and used in Reiki healing power sealing. It can protect a person and clean them from inside holistically.

2) Sei He Ki (Mental-Emotional Symbol): This symbol refers to God and Human Beings becoming one. This symbol can balance left and right side of the brain for attaining a condition of balanced state. Sei He Ki can help a person to get balanced state of mind mentally and emotionally. People having addictive issues, memory problems, mental problems or emotional problems can be highly benefited by the use of this Reiki symbol.

3) Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance Symbol): This Reiki symbol can make a better mental state of a person by channelizing the energy holistically on a right path. Hon: Origin or source, Sha: Person, Ze: Right or just, Sho: Correctness, and Nen: Thought or idea. This symbol is used mostly by Reiki Masters to send Reiki power at previous times or in coming future and retrieve it when required.

4) Dai Ko Myo (Attunement Symbol): This symbol aids student to reach to different levels of Reiki Power. It is a symbol of wisdom and effective in healing a person holistically.

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