Ho’oponopono – The Magical Words


Article by Ashwini Chubé

The name sounded to me like some kids show on TV. Little did I know this was a touch of gold in our lives.

There are so many of us trying to find answers to many questions. We have known and tried so many spiritual practices and methods but there seems to be some missing link. We have read books but always feel the link is missing.

Well I went through similar upheaval a month ago and was just guided to use this meditation through various signs including my friend sending me book screenshots, another friend inviting me for a group Ho’oponopono exercise and finally “bumping” into a video about it on youtube. Like a good girl I took this as signs and especially so because I felt I had reached rock bottom. And the results were unbelievable. Peace of mind, cheerful attitude towards life and most importantly hope and faith that all is and will be fine.

Ho’oponopono is an old techinque which comes from Hawai. It is not just a technique but if embedded in day to day life can create miracles. It acts like an internal shower or bath cleaning every bit of our systems.

Ho’oponopono has created miracles. Right from Dr Hew Len who cured an entire batch of criminally insane patients without meeting them to every common man who has had achieved 100% results. So what is this about and how is it done?

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Ho’oponopono is an easy technique which frees us from all kinds of negative emotions and any destructive patterns which we may have picked up. It requires no formal training or initiation or a teacher. All you need is a quiet place, time about 15-20 mins and an open mind and willing attitude.

How to Do It

  1. Sit in a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Take a couple of deep breaths.
  3. Now think of a problem bothering you. It could be anything. Right from a troublesome boss troubling you or that colleague who took away your promotion or that guy who duped you charging extra money for your purchase or that ex who has hurt you badly and no longer is in your life or age old best friend with whom you fought.
    Think of the situation. Draw DKM and HSZSN connecting to the concerned person.
  4. Think deeply about it and feel the emotions. Yes it could be and will be a bit painful but you have to think about it. Invoke the SHK symbol here.
  5. Now say 4 magical sentences in the same order
    ‘ I am sorry
    Please forgive me
    I love you
    Thank you’
  6. Keep repeating these four till you are fully satisfied and feel lighter. Draw a CKR to add power.
  7. Or you can set an alarm for 15 -30 minutes and keep repeating these 4 sentences.
  8. You can alternatively use the person’s picture, it works very well too.
  9. Finally seal with a Cho Ku Rei.

Ho’oponopono works across time and space and creates positive vibrations resolving even the toughest of issues, as they say It Is Love in Action!

Here is wishing you all the best as you Ho’oponopono:-)

Love and Angelic blessings!

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Ashwini Chubé

In search of some life answers, Ashwini started her journey in 2012.
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  1. This method is very powerful and I doing from two weeks… Really changes the situation to lighter… Thanks Ashwini for giving method combined with Reiki.

    • Dear Shubh,
      Say to yourself, what in me is causing this issue?
      And then repeat the 4 sentences as many times as you can
      This will work for the highest good!
      Love and light

      • Dear Ashwini, how can I use Ho’ oponopono to get success in a big project ( my hubby is trying to crack the deal from last 10months).

        Actually I hv been using the Ho’ oponopono from last two years and result is amazing.

        But I don’t know the exact way to get success in this project. I am regularly using Reiki along with SWITCHWORD & ECs to get success in it.
        Please guide.
        Thank you. Love & light for you…Rainy

    • In order to use the symbols mentioned here, you need to learn Reiki, and use the energy gained through attunement

    • Those are the Reiki symbols dear.But you can just do the ho’oponopono even in absence of symbols! intent is everything
      love and light

  2. This method seems very wonderful and I can’t wait to try it!
    But, could you please consider rephrasing the sentence that reads “cured an entire batch of criminally insane patients”? The word ” batch” dehumanizes these people as if they are objects and the whole sentence is ableist and offensive to the mentally ill community.

    • The word batch is used to refer to a group of people, whether students, a class, any set of people. It could be anything. Indians use it to refer to their graduating class aka “What batch are you?” Certainly it is fine to use here and is not dehumanizing at all if you understand the intent.

    • Would cohort be a less offensive word than batch? Words have different connotations to some people depending on personal exposure. Most times offense is not intended.

  3. Thank you so much for this great information, I have used de hooponopono a lot( and believe me it works) but I never knew I could use the Reiki symbols along with it. Thank you again.

  4. Seems good, but is it only for having a problem with another person or persons or can it help with other problems such as financial or other material problems??

  5. This is a very powerful technique and one that I have used extensively as an internal default response to any situation that occurs in my life. I learned the words in a slightly different order – starting with ‘I love you’ then through ‘ I’m sorry’ etc. This way there is an immediate acceptance of the situation or person before you move on to the rest of the clearing statements. The original statements (from which this is a shortened version) carry the idea of asking for forgiveness for any karmic act that might be playing out in the current situation. It’s all about mindset – if said with the correct intent the need for symbols are secondary, but do whatever works for you.

    • I think that’s the beauty of the different orders. I am experimenting with different orders for different situations and I have found there is a subtle difference in how the subconscious receives it based on the situation. For example- if there is a highly charged emotion like anger or sadness and my unconscious needs to feel the emotion of injustice, I would go with this order: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you, because it gets right to the emotion and opens up my heart to feel it and allow forgiveness so the inner child has a chance to calm down and rest in forgiveness before sealing it with thank you and I love you. This order works for me for a more acute cleaning or something based on a charged situation or relationship like I feel wronged or I feel someone hurt me.

      But if I have a situation that is less “charged” or less intense, I would start with “I love you, i’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” This order works for me for more “regular” situations, such as everyday anxiety or social anxiety where my inner child needs my assurance. So starting with I love you gives that immediate acceptance and openness as a guide for the rest.

      Speaking to the unconscious is like talking to an inner child. We have to change our wording/order slightly based on the situation and make it appropriate. If a child is very sad or angry, I would not say I love you first, I would go with I’m sorry, please forgive me first and then end with I love you.

  6. Wow. Nice article. I read “At zero”, its all about Ho’oponopono. Finally I combine reiki and Ho’oponopono. Miracles are happening each n every day. I AM in higher conscious state now.

  7. I teach a Ho’oponopono workshop. I have been practicing this prayer for several years now and I can’t count the miracles in my life because of continuous clearing. I even add this prayer into my Reiki practice as I channel Reiki healing energy I infuse the intention of the prayer through out the entire session.

    • Even though there is no specific order in which to say this prayer, I prefer, “I love you, I am sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You” – This is the long form of the prayer. Notice why I love it that order. The short for of this prayer is, “I love you, Thank You” – this is because, “I Love You” encompasses “I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me”. I love you is a return to the Devine, and the Devine already knows all. As we return to love healing happens. Thank you is our gratitude for the healing.

  8. I thought the DKM symbol is only to be used by a Reiki Master. I am wondering now if people who are not Reki Masters are using this symbol along with Hoponopono. This is not explained in the article so I have a concern about this. I would like to use this, but I’m not a Reiki Master yet.

  9. I jst want one clarity, if instead of a person we do it for the situation still do we need to invoke hon sa jhe sho nen? As u said to connect it to the person can we use symbols to connect to the situation

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