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Healing with Rosemary

Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah

“Where Rosemary flourishes, the Woman rules”

Absolutely adore the way Universe guides us and plants things right in place and at the right time. The best part is, it makes sure you do not miss it! Such is the immensity of our Universes’ potential. I had bought a statue of Mother Mary and placed it on the altar asking her to guide me in healing prayers. Walking by the supermarket I pondered upon the herbs and found Rosemary. First, they never sell rosemary and for some reason that was the only pack they had. Second, the evening before I had read that rosemary is a fabulous substitute to many herbs that is unavailable. Also rosemary is the best option to work with Mother Mary. It is believed that the Virgin Mary spread her blue cloak over a rosemary bush while she rested which turned its flowers blue. Ever since, the bush was called Rose of Mary.

Rosmarinus officinalis or Rosemary was used by ancient Romans and Arabs are hedges bordering their garden. Over a period of time it was observed that keeping a branch under the bed ward off evil spirits and bad dreams. In Europe, rosemary infused water was used to help cure paralysis and relief coughs. In many herb magick it found its place in rituals for love and also for protection and funeral rights. Rosemary was also burnt in rooms and hospitals to purify the air. Now this herb is used as culinary in many dishes worldwide. It is not meant for consumption in large amounts but the phytochemicals this herb possesses has been used in herbal oils and concoctions to treat a variety of diseases.

Spiritual properties
Planet: Sun (or moon)
Element: Fire
Zodiac: Leo
Gender: Masculine
Chakra: All chakras
Goddess/ God: Aphrodite, Virgin Mary, Hebe

Healing with Rosemary

Image by Istelleinad

As a Reiki channel, we can include rosemary in various ways.

For students

The ancient Greek would wear garlands made of rosemary to increase their memory, perhaps why it is also called the “Herb of Crowns”.
Channel Reiki to all points in the head, back heart, shoulders and knees of the student holding the intention of recollection. A CKR-SHK-CKR sandwich works great for this purpose. On the examination day, hold onto a few twigs or needles of rosemary and channel Reiki requesting the herb to help the student remember what he/she has studied. Keep it in the shirt pocket or make a small pouch which they can easily carry with them.

For Reiki channels

Reiki water spray
This spray is holy water used for consecrating your healing space and tools like candle holders, altar table or even the four directions of your living space to ward of lower energies. A few drops can be added to your bath water for that extra energetic boost.
So you can prepare this Reiki water at home.

  1. In two cups of water add two teaspoons of rosemary herb.
  2. You can also add bay leaf and/or a pinch of cinnamon powder, if you like.
  3. Bring this to a boil so that the bioactive compounds of the herb(s) can seep into water.
  4. Allow the mixture to cool and strain the liquid.
  5. Add two-three teaspoon of coarse sea salt and mix well.
  6. Store it in a spray bottle or a glass bottle.
  7. Hold the bottle in your hands or beam Reiki through your hands to the water.
  8. Visualize Reiki and the symbols of your choice dissolve in the water.
  9. Because this is a cleansing and protection spray CKR-SHK-CKR sandwich for cleansing and CKR and/or DKM for protection can be channeled.
  10. You can use Zibu symbols if you feel like it (ask your divine guardian angels).
  11. Feel the flow of energy through your hands and channel Reiki till the energy stops.
  12.  Alternatively, charge it on energy circles or chant switchwords that meet the need of cleansing and spiritual protection.
  13. Your Reiki water spray or holy water is ready to use.

Because it can also be used as a protective herb, simply keeping a few leaves under your pillow can help ward of bad dreams and keeps you energetically safe during sleep.

Other simple uses

  1. Rosemary being a great herb of remembrance it can be used as an offering to the deceased.
    Prepare your altar or sacred space, place a candle and your offerings to the deceased, hold onto a few rosemary twigs or herbs, Reiki it holding onto the intention of gratitude, forgiveness or any message you want to convey – you can pour your heart out. Place the herb in the altar, burn them or encircle the candle. Once it’s done you can release the remains of the herb and candle to Mother Earth. This is best done facing South.
  2. Dedicate an altar or space to call on the energies of Mother Mary before your healing (self or others). All you need is an intention to do so. Anoint a white candle with rosemary oil or olive oil, carve out her name on the candle, channel all the Reiki symbols you wish to, ask her for divine guidance, help and healing. You can place the herb encircling the candle. Light the candle in sheer faith that she will help/is helping you. Meditate for as long as you wish to.
  3. Carry it with you in a pouch for protection along with black Tourmaline and/ Malachite. Empower it with the pentagram.
  4. Strategically place rosemary in your crystal grids.
  5. Burn rosemary to smudge your living space.
  6. Hanging a bunch of rosemary at your entrance door, so that every time someone walks in will have to pass under it.
  7. Married couples can take a pink or white envelope and place their photograph in it with a handful of rosemary with the intention of being in love! Reiki this envelope as you seal it with pink energy and SHK, HSZSN, Harth, Shanti and CKR/DKM.

Much love, light and gratitude.
Stay blessed!

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Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah is a Biotechnologist and a Reiki healer and teacher. He practices Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Soul Mate Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and has embarked on the journey as a Pranic healer. He feels Reiki has helped him accept and let go and live life to the brim. Find Vedant on Facebook at Healing Child.

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