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Reiki and Ho’oponopono

Article by Latha Shenoy

I am practicing Reiki for the last 3 years or so and teaching it too. Sometimes due to lot of reasons, Reiki takes longer to show its effect. After a lot of thinking on why this happens, it struck me that people who come for Reiki therapy have so many blocks that it takes time for Reiki to start its work. And I found that people lose interest and start doubting which again creates a block further hindering its progress. The other reason for slowing the process is past life issues.

Both of the above blocks can be healed and removed by Reiki no doubt, but I started complementing and combining my Reiki Session with Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is a simple forgiveness ritual.

Many of us due to our past actions of various lives suffer in this life. We forget that intentionally or unintentionally, we might have hurt others or some of our actions, words or thoughts might have hurt others. Or we might have got hurt by somebody against whom subconsciously we hold grudges. This subconscious mind, which stores all the information starts attracting situations from which we need to learn. When this learning does not happen, we experience repetitive patterns in our life. This needs to be broken.

Reiki and Hooponopono

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We need to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Once we accept that we need to be responsible for ourselves and our actions, everything else becomes easy. We need to accept that asking for forgiveness and forgiving others opens and clears all the major blocks allowing Reiki or any other healing modality to work faster.

Ho’oponopono simply put is saying –

I am Sorry,
Please Forgive Me,
I Love You
I Thank You.

This so very resonates with the 5 principles of Reiki. This eases our mind into accepting and being responsible for our actions, behaviour and words. This acceptance, forgiving and asking for forgiveness, being grateful for everything in this life and loving and spreading love, triggers off our subconscious mind to release the blocks allowing it to be retuned and realigned to the new divine energy that is being infused into it. Our mind gets retuned and starts changing its belief system.

And this is when healing starts happening.

Combination of Reiki and Ho’oponopono is worth trying for all to experience…

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Latha Shenoy

Latha Shenoy

Latha Shenoy is a Reiki Grandmaster, Violet Flame Healer and an Angel Card Healer. She was in a Corporate Career until 2013 as a Business Development Manager and an Application Specialist in an MNC. She has done MBA in Operations. Latha has quit her career since 2013 and she has devoting her spare time in learning various Spiritual Sciences and practicing the same. She conducts workshops on Chakra Balancing and Meditation, and she teaches Reiki Classes and Angel Card readings.

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  • Catherine Dunne March 16, 2017, 6:52 am

    As a Reiki Master and Practitioner for shy 30 years, I studied Ho’oponopono last year. One needs to learn and understand Ho’oponopono first. There is more to it than just saying those affirmations. You, as the practitioner must be prepared for what might come back at you, while you then give Reiki. Your client also needs preparation. The emotional flood gates will open, if done correctly.

  • Catherine Dunne March 16, 2017, 6:54 am

    At http://www.aumvedas.net we offer Ho’oponopono

  • Liliana May 27, 2017, 12:19 am

    Interesting! I studied Ho’oponopono last year and I actually have been thinking on combining these 2 techniques as well. Great article.

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