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3 Tips To Use Outlook For Reiki

If you work in an office and have Outlook opened all the time, here’s a few tips for you.

1. Send Reiki before clicking Send.

Intend for the highest good of everyone connected to the email, and charge the message with energy, aiming that it goes to the recipients, should they decide to accept it.

Image by KellyReeves

2. Create a task with a reminder to Reiki yourself.

Whenever the reminder pops, Reiki yourself for a few minutes. Don’t dismiss the reminder. Instead, snooze it for a few hours. When it pops again, send yourself some more energy, and snooze again.

3. Alternatively, set a recurring appointment to Reiki yourself.

If you want more structure in your practice, set a recurring appointment to give yourself a healing session. You can choose how often and for how long – but it’s probably best to Reiki early and Reiki often :).

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