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Reiki at Work / Cleanse Your Office

If you work in an office or at a desk, you can get Reiki to help you raise the vibe and lower the work stress. This can be even more effective if you’re in an environment where you get an avalanche of emails that need to be read and acted on, or have a pile of papers to process – and a constant steady flow of more papers or tasks coming in :).

It can get quite stressing at times, and it can feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re never in control and on top of things.

Reiki can help you get back on track. While it probably won’t stop the flow of tasks, papers, or emails, it can help with the way you perceive all these. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, Reiki can make your days calm and your tasks quite enjoyable actually. It can cause a shift of perspective, and perhaps make you realize that all you really have to do is to work on the most important tasks, one at a time, and there’s no reason at all to worry about anything. It’s just work :).

So how would you go about this? You can start with these simple steps – but remember that these are guidelines, and whatever works for you is what’s best, so feel free to tweak them and add your personal touch, or adjust them to your actual situation.

Try these steps for starters.

Step 1. Prepare. Breathe, and mentally take a step back and try to see the bigger picture. Spend a few seconds just doing nothing.

Step 2. Tell yourself, out loud if you prefer, “We have enough time to do everything we desire.” Try to feel the truth of this statement – because, as you will soon find out, it actually is true.

Step 3. Start thee flow of Reiki. Send the energy to yourself, your chair, desk, computer, pens, papers, monitors – or whatever office equipment you use. Envision the energy “brushing” the objects to clear off negative energy. Make free use of the symbols, as you feel inspired.

Step 4. Try to quiet your thoughts, and say to yourself again, “we have enough time to do everything we desire.” Feel it, and take your time.

Step 5. Let the Reiki flow for a while longer, then ground yourself and get to work, trying to keep your mind as clear as possible.

Initially it might be somewhat awkward to work without so many thoughts on your mind, but it should definitely feel good. Also, in the beginning, if there is too much of a mess, you might be inspired to make a prioritized list of the most important tasks first, and then start working on those tasks. You may feel like categorizing stuff a bit, uncluttering the desk, or even cleaning it physically, dusting your keyboard, mouse, monitors etc.

Also, at first, the effects might not last long, and you might get busy again soon enough. The key is to keep doing this (and improving the steps so as to have them work best for you) until the subconscious mind learns the new pattern of “we have enough time”. So whenever stress creeps in, remember that we have all the time in the world, and invoke the tranquility again – send some Reiki if needed, use the mental symbol (or any other) if inspired.

In time, you’ll need to do this less and less often, and eventually this “no rush, no stress, take our time” will become your default way of functioning. This will have ripple effects in all areas of life: better health, better sleep, better relationships. You’ll enjoy life and your work, a lot more, and of course the good energy will infuse whatever output you produce, going further and influencing the products being built, decisions being made based on your work – ultimately making the whole world a better place.

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