5 Tips For Using A Reiki Box


Here’s some tips, useful especially if you’re new to this technique (if you don’t know what a Reiki box is, click here to find out).

1. Always end your requests with “for the highest good of all involved”.

2. Clean up your requests every week. It can easily get cluttered with old stuff.

Clear quartz (image source)
3. Send Reiki to your box even if you don’t have it with you, using the distance symbol.

4. Send Reiki to your box whenever you have time.

5. Place a crystal (clear quartz works well, but experiment with others too) in or on top of the box to help activate the law of attraction.

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  1. How do we send Reiki yo the Reiki box? I mean what do we actually say/pray since there are several different issues in the box?

  2. This is how I create a Reiki box. I find it so personal to the intention I want to express into action. I have created many Reiki boxes and I love it. I go out and buy a decorated box, make the intention, put the symbols & intention in each item, place the items in the box, then do the same thing for the entire box 3x’s, light a candle and release it to the universe.

    I then put the foucus on the box each night for as long as my intention is for which can vary. At the end I burn what I had written out in a sacred intention outside.

  3. Hello,I have learnt Reiki recently and started using the box method.I made small chits of my intentions for my close ones with time frames and kept it in box.I prayed with Reiki as and when I could.
    Now in the last month there has been no change in the results I wanted and the time frame has passed.
    I do believe in Reiki and am sure that Reiki Energy is helping me.
    My query is can I open the box ( since i had sealed it) and change the intentions with newer time frames.Also by opening the box will the other intentions be affected.I was told that the box should not be opened till the intention is fulfilled.
    Pl guide me if my method is correct.
    Warm Regards,

  4. Yes, you can open it. I rewrite my list every week. The old ones if accomplished or not discard it in the universe by tearing it into pieces.

  5. Hi there, 1st of all thank u very much for such a innovative and wonderful website.. I have a query about d reiki box, it has said here that to renew or change or clean up your reiki intentions weekly, what if d intention is not completed? And about the time span.? Coz what i have learned is to leave the things to reiki, let it take the time needed to complete the intention.. So should we or can we or we shouldnt force time factor on reiki to complete our intention..?

  6. Although I have been a reiki practitioner for some time now, I had never heard of the “reiki box” idea. I love it. After reading the information on this page, I realized that to some degree I had already been practicing this concept including the idea of using a crystal or other stone inclined to use. Just yesterday, I was inclined to draw a border of various reiki and other symbols onto a large piece of tagboard. I left the interior blank figuring I could put photos, or names on paper inside of the border. Same kind of idea. However, I like the intimate and privacy of the box idea and will try it. Thank you.

  7. Hello.

    Request your guidance.

    I have written intention in my reiki box. On the day I made an intention, on the chit first I wrote that present date, day and time, and then I have written the intention as though it is already completed. The intention is yet to be fulfilled. Should I rewrite the intention or continue to give reiki to the intention through the same chit. If on a daily basis, how many minutes should we give reiki to the intention in the reiki box? Is it necessary to buy a reiki box? Or is it fine if we make a small cardboard box say like a matchbox as our reiki box?

    Thanks and Regards,


  8. I use the reiki box on my phone, and my first request has happened and I am so excited my second request I am working on but finding it a lot harder. I have just opened my box again and have put more requests n. Can I ask do I have to pray r is there other ways I can help the process r manifestation to work? I would like to also thank u so much for giving this opertuntity

  9. I downloaded the app for my Reiki box, and it doesn’t allow you to put photos or drawings. Will this feature be added to future updates? Thank you!!

  10. I just want to know that is it necessary to buy aReiki Box ???orwe can use any type of box as our Reiki box?

    • You can use any type of box available in your home. For more information you can check related videos in YouTube.

  11. You can create any type off box from anywhere, the box is only symbolic and used to keep your intended subjects for healing in one location. As far as everyone asking what to do because the outcome is not going as you are wanting it to, reiki does not always work like that, some times what is best for your highest good or a lesson you need to learn is not what we desire but needed to grow so at these times reiki will make the lesson easier to learn or accept.

  12. As per your advice we have download the reiki box and written affirmation on it and it is in my ipad
    And my query is that whether you have also send the healing on it?

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