Seven Good Times To Send Reiki… Before


1. Before clicking “Send email” in your email program or app.

2. Before tapping “Call” on your phone.

3. Before taking the first bite from your food.

4. Before turning the key in the ignition.

Image by Doxi

5. Before embarking on a long trip. Or a short trip :).

6. Before tapping “Answer” on your phone.

7. Before laying down to sleep.

8. Bonus tip: if you forget to send Reiki before, you can always send it back in time 🙂 (HSZSN to the rescue).

9. Extra bonus tip: if you realize you forget all the time, you can start sending it forward in time :).


  1. #9 — awesome suggestion that I will use for forgetfulness of using Reiki. This will work well for the fact that I forget to do for myself when I do so much for others as well. Sending for the future me to take better care of myself as well ;). Thanks!

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