Three Reiki Tricks You Didn’t Know


Here’s some useful and interesting Reiki “tricks” you probably aren’t doing.

1. Reiki your mattress before going to bed. Imagine it filled with a “network” of light and golden-white energy, and intend that it be discharged throughout the night as needed for your highest good. Your body will benefit and your sleep will have more restoring power. You’ll wake up feeling more rested, as if you had slept an extra hour or two.

Image by Serge Melki

2. Reiki your workout gear. Charge your running shoes, gym equipment,swimming suit, intending for a good, satisfying, and fulfilling workout. You could even draw Cho Ku Rei, e.g. on the insides of your shoes.

3. Reiki your wallet. Imagine it engulfed in an energy ball that sweeps and cleans it and its contents. Money, papers, bank cards – intend that everything is energized abundantly, and that it attracts even more abundance. Say to yourself I am a generous giver, and an awesome receiver. Intend that all negativity surrounding your wallet is discharged, and all that remains is love. Love your wallet :). And share the love!


  1. These are great tips, I especially like the one about giving Reiki to your wallet! Thank you, your website is so informative!

    • Patricia now on wards you think, visualise and repeat loudly ” I get good sleep every night” and I have lots of money…never ever think or express negative..i was samw now i have abundance with practice of reiki with affirmation.

  2. This might sound like some silly questions. I am a reiki 2 and received both attunements this year so I’m a newbie, I am soaking up any and every kind of spiritual related info at the moment. I was wondering if anyone had any comments on questions I have. My feeling on it is that the amount of time spent reiki ng something shouldn’t matter so long as there is a strong intent with it How long do you reiki something like your mattress, running shows, or anything else for that matter? Does the amount of time matter? Is a few minutes better than a few seconds? Or does a strong intention come into play?

    • Ciaran, in my opinion, it is all about intent. Give the energy for however long you feel something needs the energy and stop when you feel you’ve given enough.

    • Ciaran. . It all goes on the purity of ur intent. Do whatever ur heart guides u as each souls ultimate journey is unconditional love… so think about it how can love and intent have condition.

    • As long as your intent is there it does not matter how long. I thought when I first started Reiki that I had to do a full treatment on self and others but after much reading I feel that is not so. I Reiki my joints for about 10 minutes twice a day. I also send Reiki to people i know by just holding their hand for 5 minutes setting the intent that if the person does not wish to receive it then it goes where it is needed. I hope this helps

  3. Very intresting tips. I wish effective as well. I m a reiki chanel and very strong blieve in reiki energy. I will prctice with given tips. Want to know more abt it.

  4. Great info! I have a piece of paper in my wallet with a cho ku rei on it and have charged the wallet and its contents with reiki 🙂

  5. Always reiki a strange bed, like one in a hotel or B&B because you need to get rid of any negative and unwanted energies. You can use a pendulum too if you have one

    • I was told during my level 1 that I could Reiki everything, there is a difference with level 2 as the energy is much stronger, and with the symbols you don’t require as much time. Like the others said here, as long as you have a good intention you should get the same results.

  6. I am using reiki on EVERYTHING; my plants, my pets, our drinking water, bath water, food, vitamins… the list of possibilities is as long as your imagination 🙂 Get your reiki on!!!

  7. Hi
    Just been attuned to level two, ppl have told this happens, that happens, intuition is stronger, some see colours, I don’t seem to feel much difference, I’m not at the end of my 30 days case studies yet, I suppose it’s just a matter of time. I love Reiki, it’s amazing, I don’t want doubt to creep in !!!

  8. I am a Reiki master /teacher I always Reiki shower head so water takes away negative energy ad visualize it going away down plug hole .I also Reiki soles of feet or shoes to stay grounded ! Love & Light Namaste

  9. Like the Reiki on the wallet tip. Bad debt seems to follow me around like that little green fella in that poor bladder commercial.

  10. Set the intention most important reiki everything I do car pets food tablets if taken after a while it’s just like brushing your teeth becomes second nature .” Where intention goes Reiki flows ” x

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