Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Explained


Reiki symbols are basically sacred healing symbols that help in enhancing the flow of universal life force energy (click here for general Symbols info).

The primary symbols of traditional Reiki are the Cho Ku Rei or the Power Symbol, Sei He Ki or the Mental and Emotional Symbol, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the Distance Healing Symbol. These symbols which are given to a Reiki student during the advanced level of Reiki attunement are essentially impressed in the mind and aura of the student and blend with metaphysical energies that they characterize. Thus, whenever a Reiki practitioner thinks or draws or visualizes any of these symbols, they will connect immediately to the energies that it symbolizes.

Meaning of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

Distance is no barrier to Reiki, and this symbol, which means ‘having no present, past or future’ is essentially used for absentee healing and to send Reiki energy across time and space.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

Example Uses of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Heal the Past: Sending Reiki in the past helps heal “old wounds” that may be affecting you in the present. It will not change the events, as past things cannot be changed; but sending Reiki to the past helps reframe the experience as part of learning process, and it helps heal the pain and move on with your life.

Enhance Future Conditions: Using the distance healing symbol for the future helps in storing the Reiki energy like a battery to be accessed at a time when you require it. Sending Reiki ahead of time for doctor’s appointments, interviews, examinations, workshops, or traveling will help you adjust to the unforeseen circumstances of the future and keep an open and optimistic mindset.

To Heal across Time and Space: The Reiki distance healing symbol’s primary use is to send healing energy across a room, town, to different parts of your country or just anywhere in the world. To heal people that are not present. It is otherwise called the “absent healing” symbol sometimes.

How to use the Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

The Reiki distance healing symbol is considered one of the most powerful and helpful symbol by most Reiki practitioners. However, when using this symbol, it is important to understand that the energies used in long distance healing work more effectively on the subtle body of an individual like the aura or the chakras rather than working directly on an individual’s physical body.

Energies used for distant healing require time to work on physical body and heal physical pain; sending Reiki energy for a particular problem such as headaches or backaches can limit the energies to a great extent. The recommended practice is to send Reiki to an individual as a whole, and this will allow the energy to reach directly to the part of the body where it is required the most.

Periodically empowering the long distance healing on day to day basis plays a vital role in helping the energies work effectively in a successful manner. However, it should be noted that Reiki cannot be used to change an individual or his behavior. The wisdom of Reiki understands what is best for the individual, and the energies act accordingly for the best possible outcome.

Image by Robert Snache – Spirithands.net

How to Send Distance Healing Reiki Using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

There are many ways to send Reiki, and different Masters might use different techniques. A lot of practitioners learn one technique, which they then tweak and personalize it to suite their style. The steps below describe one technique which many people find effective.

Step 1: Activate the power symbol.

Step 2: Write the name of the recipient or the situation you are sending energy to on a piece of paper and hold the paper in between your hands.

Step 3: Draw the symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen in the air above the paper and repeat its name three times.

Step 4: Repeat the name of the recipient or the situation.Draw the power symbol.

Step 5: Allow Reiki to flow to the recipient for the greatest and highest good.

Step 6: Finish the Reiki session by either clapping your hands or shaking them vigorously in order to cut the connection.

An alternative way of distant healing is to either use their photograph or use a proxy ( a soft toy or any object) instead of writing their name on a piece of paper.

Benefits of Receiving a Reiki Session through the Reiki Distance Healing Symbol

One of the greatest benefits of receiving Reiki energy through Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the fact that it allows you to receive positive energy just anywhere and everywhere in a quick and easy manner. To receive distant healing treatment, you do not have to spend extra time or go anywhere to receive Reiki treatment.

Distance healing treatment also proves to be a perfect tool for all those people who find it uncomfortable to receive hands on Reiki treatment. Reiki sessions are not only affordable but also helps maintain your privacy. Reiki distance healing symbol can be used regularly to help keep your mind, body and spirit in harmon. However, it is important to remember that one of the most significant things in distant healing is the intention of the Reiki practitioner. Thus, formulating the intentions carefully and using the Reiki distance healing symbol to transmit energies only for the highest good, whatever that is and whether it is known to us or not, can go long way in producing positive results.

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  1. remove this symbol. it is NOT ALLOWED to be shown to anyone without training.. you have no Reiki master symbols, so I assume you are not a Reiki Master. Maybe you did not know, Reiki is sacred and is forbidden to be “taught” this way.

    • Let it be, Julie. We’re all energy. And, we are each divine and sacred. Those who are meant to see it, will. Trust in what is unraveling. As a Reiki Master, I trust in The Cosmic Universe…..which resides within me. 🙂 Om

      • Sathyananda–I follow your free lessons —My view on what the troubled lady is getting very upset about is –Reiki is a beautiful energy that can do no-one any harm ,it is for the highest good of all–and when give or sent the higher self of the other person will accept only what is good and right for them–As for displaying the Sacred Symbols – well we must live and let live and not judge what others do -we must do what our own conscience lets us do–personly I do believe to keep them quietly sacred and only seen by us as Reiki Healers- but I do not get so angry and judgemental as it seems the Lady does –sorry just one more thing —Reiki symbols seem to have different forms of interpretation when drawn –there again I believe and trust that it is intention when using them –thank you for your time

      • Thank you Sathyananda for your beautiful reply to Julie…I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I say let this beautiful energy flow…it is to be shared it is a gift from the Universe…it is Universal energy thaat we may all channel freely and lovingly…Blessings and love…

      • For the Reiki Master Symbol images and explanation, even on Youtube, just Google “dai ko myo reiki symbol”
        Knowledge is for all to put it into good use.

    • I am a reiki master, and was taught, as you have commented, that this symbol is solely a master symbol; however, after extensive research, i find that there are various thoughts on this. Some masters believe that anyone that has been attuned can use any symbols, after all it is the same energy that flows through everyone. Some believe that you need to build up the energy levels before using master symbols to prevent “harm”. I am of the school of thought that ‘if it feels right do it’. No one has the right to say what is or is not wrong. It is universal energy, and available to all

    • Wow Julie! So much anger! To start a sentence by telling someone what to do on their own page is simply not going to work. If you don’t like it, don’t follow the page, simple really 🙂
      Remember our mantras! Just for today I will not anger…

    • of course reki is to be spread, who says its not allowed julie… you should share Reki as much as you can and teach more people so they can share the love

    • Dear Julie,
      I read your comment , I would guide you as a friend that you must rise above superstition, there are no bindings or customs, If you get bind yourself in this brackets. Your progress stops. Its cosmic energy like air we breathe in. Anybody can use it if there are some guides who are ready to teach. Peace.

    • Reply to Julie Glassco: Secrecy only keeps power in the hands of a few, so keeping Reiki healing symbols secret does not work for the good of all. No one will be struck by lightning for “revealing the secret symbols”. There are many examples throughout human history of those in power keeping knowledge sacred and forbidden from the general population. Never forget that healing energy comes from spirit and from Divine Source–it has never come directly from humans (fortunately). We are only conduits/channels for bringing in energy to our healing work. And you have no right to tell anyone what they can publish on their own page.

    • For the Reiki Master Symbol images and explanation, even on Youtube, just Google “dai ko myo reiki symbol”
      Knowledge is for all to put it into good use.

    • Julie, Just wondering where, when and how you became the ultimate all-knowing power in command of all Reiki practitioners? I find your forceful, demanding attitude toward this to be in complete opposition to the spirit of Reiki and extremely disrespectful to the masters who came before us. Perhaps you’d like to leave your ego on the side of the path and continue on your journey without it.

    • The universe is not bound by rules. No one should be taxed or charged for knowledge. The ones who are meant to have it will. Just for today do not anger. Love is the path that can be chosen.

    • I know this is an old post, but I feel the need to explain something:

      No offense, but if it was “Not Allowed” then The Source would have stopped it from appearing on the PC screen. The symbols can be seen by anyone, but without receiving an attunement from The Source, the symbols are useless. It seems to me that the only people who wish to continue to keep these symbols hidden, are the ones overcharging for their GIFT of spiritual healing.( I received my RM in 2002.)

      A GIFT is something that is given to you freely. The SOURCE does not charge you a financial fee for bestowing upon you the ability to reunite with it on a deeper level for healing purposes. In fact, The Source wants you to fulfill your destiny of helping people, and you should too. Those who are meant to see and understand will. Those who are not, will look at this page, find no attraction or use for it, and will simply move on while gaining nothing from it.

    • Dearest Julie:

      Reiki is a Universal healing energy, and it is a Divine right and open to all Divine beings, animal and human alike. I was trained in Usui/Tibetan Reiki Principles, and my Reiki Master Sensei also shared with me that these symbols are Divine and Sacred. As I’ve evolved in my practice, I’ve been shown new insights and I have come to believe new paradigms surrounding this healing energy work.

      Be open to share, to care, to Love! We are all connected, we are all One. Reiki is one with us, and we are one with the Universe.

      Many Blessings, Love, and Light to you
      Reiki Nurse

  2. I have talked with other Reiki Masters.. this is so wrong on so many levels. Do you even realize what happens when you are giving people without training the means to manipulate others energy fields!! what if they are supposed to be “in that space”— now us lightworkers have to deal with this on top of everything else. You are making things very difficult. Empathy is lesson #1 as a healing facilitator.. Where is yours for the teachers of this healing art, those that practice it, or those this may influence. ? this website is self serving.

    • If one is not attuned to the specific symbol, one cannot use it. I believe all can send forms of energy healing for anyone’s highest good. Some call it praying and send for a variety of reasons. No one can give someone symbols to manipulate others energy. It appears that you are very upset, actually angry. Just for today do not anger. As a Reiki Master I find it best to first send Reiki to myself, as I cannot change the world or manipulate another with energy, only send for someone’s highest good. Information is available to all. How it’s used is up to that individual.

    • If you are indeed a Reiki Master Julie, you will know that Reiki goes only to serve the highest of good. It can not be misdirected or misguided or manipulated. Let it go.

    • Julie, people can easily curse someone if they really want to cause harm- I doubt the distance symbol would instigate them to try this. Also if they are not attuned the reiki will be super minimal. Words are also very powerful- even just telling someone hurtful things would be far worse than sending ill intended reiki via distance. Blood magic would do far more harm than a reiki symbol, most people understand the basic premise enough to carry it out in a basic curse, and I believe that since reiki is for the highest good it can’t really be used in that capacity anyway. Worst case is that it would harm the person trying to send it.

    • Julie, I don’t mean to be judgemental but it seems you really must work on your anger. No offence but I would be worried to get a treatment with someone who has no control over their shadow self, goodness knows what energies you are raising and sending on to your clients! It is worrying. I work with reiki seichem and the violet flame and the golden light of the order of melchizedek, symbols do not work for this who aren’t attuned and those that are, go about it for the right reasons, they are spiritually enlightend enough to want to work with the energies in the first place and it is of course part of their life plans. I feel it is wonderful for people to be spreading the knowledge on the internet and gaining interest, helping to evolve souls, only people of a higher functioning soul level (Mature and Older Souls generally) are those drawn to even check these out, most below that think it is just rubbish. Why worry about others, focus yourself and don’t push your negativity out onto others. The lady who did this has done no wrong, this is for interest purposes only not world domination and corruption, reiki can’t be used for that anyway since it is an intelligent energy that works of its own accord, IT chooses what it does for the higher good of the client, it cannot be manipulated. Perhaps you should be looking at witchcraft and not Reiki x

      • And by “Manipulated” I mean if it is sent to someone who really doesn’t want any healing then their own negative stance will prevent the energy from accessing them. It’s like the “It doesn’t work” Thought, intention has to be had by both sides for it to work effectively.

    • Just for today, do not worry
      Just for today, do not anger
      Reiki is evolving Julie, the symbols are in books, there are images on the internet…wake up and move with the times or you’ll be left behind!

  3. I think traditions were meant to be broken for the greater good. I appreciate websites like these because they give people who know Reiki already some inspiration on how to use it. For those not attuned…the symbols won’t work, but it will spark curiosity. If everyone in the world knew Reiki…imagine how much better the world would be. I think you’re on the right path. Namaste.

  4. Sathyananda I am with you on this one!
    Julie we all share differing beliefs so respect has to be given to a.n.other when they believe what they are doing is to help others to find their true pathway in life.
    In truth these symbols are just that, symbols. It is the power of the intent/thought that kick starts this beautiful energy to flow for the greater good of all.
    As Reiki Masters/Teachers we are not here to dictate to what should and should not be, we are disciples of Reiki here to help our fellow man find their way in life with the help of Source!
    Anger along with ego plays no part in Reiki!
    Fear shows in the words that you use, and that equals ego, a no go when using the gift so freely given, not only for our greater good but also for our fellow man!
    Namaste, may each and everyone of you be blessed with Love, Light and Reiki

  5. All symbols are given to us because of how the human brain works. We have to believe that we are doing something, when in reality we are just here and allowing to be the channels of the divine love. Reiki can be done easily without the symbols but we create algorithms, little programs that help us strengthen the trust in reiki.
    Reiki is not sacred. We forgot that we were all connected and with reiki we are just remembering who we are.
    There is no harm in sharing the symbols with anyone and giving attunements to all who ask for it. Divine forces want us to awaken as fast as possible and reiki is one of the tools given to us. Since it is not a religion we should not treat it as one. Reiki can not be abused. It just stops flowing if our intention is not aligned with love. That’s all. You can not send reiki with a bad intention. Some teachers are creating this whole midterm around reiki to potentially feed their ego and need to be special. No one is special and we all are.

  6. Publishing this is against our sacred teaching. If you were a real Reiki master you would honor the teachings. This goes against it. Remove these symbols.

    • Sandra, showing the symbols or not, is debated by various lineages and changes with the times. Why are you able to sit in judgment of others? As I read these posts, I feel much passion for the sacred words but not always compassion that is essential in any type of energy healing, especially Reiki.

  7. Instead of comment: After my Reiki attunement I was sending Reiki to everyone especially to disable people on the street. Ones I asked my self ”Who I am to interfere in people’s life”. I spoke with my Reiki master and he told me that this is not wrong-if one’s higher being wants to received-it will received it and opposite. Reiki can not harm and Reiki will not be active where is unwanted. Then in our time there is a grate need of Reiki and any other positive practice . I have friends who are not attuned but can achieve results as if they were Reiki attuned. Who have ears to hear will hear, who nave eyes to see will see. Namaste

  8. I am a Reiki II energy healer. In my class, we went over so many things and ways to use the symbols and I came home with so much information and forgetting so much too. It was so wonderful to be able to go back over everything again with this website and be able to take the time to memorize and figure out what everything means again. I do not take anything lightly and neither does my instructor. I have 100 hours of Reiki to do before I am attuned to Master. Thank you so much for all the information!

  9. […] who have done 2nd level of Reiki, have learnt about the beautiful connecting symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. The literal meaning of the symbol is “The Buddha in me sees the Buddha in you”. This symbol […]

  10. I am afraid to say that step 4 and step 5 need correction. In step 4 Energy must be allowed to flow and in step 5 only we must apply CHO KU REI in order to seal, this is how my Reiki master taught me

  11. Reiki Masters and Practioners, please be careful here when you refer to something as “sacred”. Merriam-Webster Dictionary, defines sacred as, “dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity” and “devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose)”. Clearly, Reiki is not dedicated for the service or worship. Reiki is Energy Healing. It is the channelling of Universal Healing Energy for the Highest Good. It is no more simple or complicated than that. We are in the Information Age, “Age of Aquarius”, “End of Days”, etc. What these terms all mean is that the old World or old Way is giving way to a new Age. We are now in an Age where ancient secrets are being revealed at a time when humanity needs them most. The number of Energy Healers and Faith Healers is evidence to this. I am a Reiki Level II Practitioner. For any Reiki Practitioners and/or Masters who have forgotten, Reiki cannot be missued. Our Universal Energy, God’s healing and most Intelligent Energy can only be used for the Highest Good. Revealing the symbols will only educate the masses not empower them to wrongdoing. We are not disciples of energy, we’re made up of it. Those who can appreciate the external beauty of the symbols may want to learn more about their inner meanings. They may seek to become healers as a result of seeing them. Practicioners may try a new technique, tweak one they’re using or politely offer a correction for Reiki Ray’s technique. So much good may come from this Reiki Ray’s posting, such as this discussion, which like the symbol crosses space and time, i.e. the original post was over a year ago and people are still commenting on it! Great job. Peace to All!

  12. Since i practice biotherapy and reiki i used the distance healing sessions and i found it the most efficient method. I love HO SHA ZE SHO NEN symbol because it works with time and space and heals and solves many imortant situations. I used to hear that the personal healing is better but I kept using long distance healing and I also used it on the past events to heal present situations or sent it in the future and the results were remarkable. Thank you very much for this article!

  13. People can find reiki symbols anywhere on the internet so what odds does it make?reiki is a universal energy available to all. Somebody being attuned doesnt mean everything. People are on different levels of consciousness regardless and like everything its our intentions that count.people need to chillout because ultimately reiki is about ones self so its nobody’s business whether somebody is attuned or not. Stop creating unnecessary drama because that actually defeats the object of reiki in the 1St place!

  14. Julie, I am a Reiki Master too & I am shocked by your vehemence on here. Any Reiki Master will tell you that what you reap you sow. Should you choose to misuse any master symbol or any symbol with ill intention, it will come back to you. The energy will always go where it is needed most. I would recommend you get an attunement in love & light to be more loving & light. It will open you up to the opportunities you seek. Good luck!!

  15. Judging the 16 years of coping with ex-husband, who wanted to kill me. I learned that 03/11/2014 is to be a judgment, and I know that the judge is at hand So far ex-husband. What could I do to make it a fair judgment?Help mee the distant symbol?

  16. Judging the 16 years of coping with ex-husband, who wanted to kill me. I learned that 11.3..2014 is to be a judgment, and I know that the judge is at hand So far ex-husband. What could I do to make it a fair judgment?Help mee the distant symbol?

  17. Hi everybody,

    I think reiki symbols are showed to people who do not have training, just because the people who got reiki training could not hold the secret. It is understandable. It’s is like little kids get new toy and want to show it to everybody in the world. I think it is a spiritual development issue. Some people learned reiki without any spiritual awareness. They do not realize that reiki is a spiritual practice, not just for simple healing. Then they become reiki master, and teach others the surface things about reiki. It is really sad. Even some reiki master do not know the deep inside of reiki. Maybe what reiki is today is meant to be changed into. The source of the universe arranges everything for all beings.

    God bless the earth with peace

  18. Not that it is a secret anymore, but I don’t know why anyone publishes the actual words to the symbols. “The long distance symbol” would suffice. I see others disagree with showing the symbols,
    I feel they are just Japanese words. Not secret to the Japanese fluent therefore not sacred. This is all over YouTube and in all kinds of publishings but we can be part of that or decide for ourselves whether we want to follow the original intention of keeping this “sacred”. What higher power would want to hold this away from anyone? Though Few if anyone can practice Reiki without at least the first course. I teach it to everyone I can for free. That is partly why I learned it in the first place. Let people become their own healers and to heal their pets and loved ones as many and as often as possible. Makes this world a better place and cuts down on suffering and pharmaceutical or other ways to medicate the physical as well as the emotional/mental health and balance or lack of.
    Practitioners have taken the courses and know the words. People who have not taken the courses don’t need to know the words. If practitioners need this article (great article btw) in order to do a treatment, they didn’t have a very good teacher.
    It is not mentioned that these symbols act together, at least at first. Then the power symbol can re activate the treatment after this.
    And there’s a mis spelled word that spell check would have picked up… “to keep Mind Body Spirit in “Harmon” vs HarmonY.
    Healing people THAT (people are not things, so it is “who”)
    Reiki indeed can change a person and their behavior through their highest good. After a few treatments, issues arise with new perspective, light shines on situations that wouldn’t or had not prior to the treatments. With new information, we change. We heal, we forgive, therefore our behavior changes.
    Not to critisize, I’m just giving free editing advice.

    Thank you for a clear and concise explanation of the long distance symbol. It’s hard to find anything straight forward online. This is as clear as it gets! I’m always trying to deepen and broaden my understanding of what I do, why I am doing it and making sure I am maxing out the potential to benefit others through long distance Reiki.

  19. Sorry for my English been from Quebec and my maiden language is French….
    My comment, I am practicing Reiki for almost 20 years now….not even master yet….I have been though by multiples Master up to level III, I have also been though that Reiki symbols are to be sacred….and kept from students not yet initiated to the the level required…And I do believe that there are reasons for that… Anyhow, for that been said, I I also believe that it is not my place to judge someone who does and/or think they should do so. I read these articles frequently and appreciate them very much… One more thing before I leave this Post…Master Takata was severely blamed for introducing Reiki to the American continent….by her pears…If she would have obliged her teaching rules…we would have never taught these sacred healing methods….this has probably saved my life many times….please be respectful with theses Symbol and people…please be respectful to the proprietor of this Post….respectfully….JJ

  20. Thank you cvery much My daughter is a practioner and this is so nice to get this mailed to me so i can catch up..Peace and love ..now to figure out how to save it to my documents..LOL

  21. Please understand.

    Reiki, in any way, should NOT be kept a secret. Those who hear the call, those with pure and good intent, should will not be kept away from the knowledge of universal love. The universe simply no longer tolerates it.

    If a person is on this website, it’s very likely they have heard the calling. Or they just got confused and will dismiss it as nothing and the symbol will fade from their memory.

    Our suffering planet screams for mercy, there is no more time for secrets. I understand honoring ancient ways. But situations were different back then. The planet was healthy. That is no longer the case. We are in crisis.

    More and more of us are awakening. I came here because I needed more information on how to use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and this was very helpful. I am a level 2 Reiki practitioner and I’ve been guided to this path by the universe. I get it now, and it’s a good feeling.

    Those who are not meant to to see this symbol will not. But we cannot afford to keep secret something that will help humanity and the planet as a whole. We want to learn, here. We want to heal. Reiki CAN NOT be used for evil or negative purposes. So why the secrecy? If the person is not meant to use it, it simply will not be used.

    The universe knows better than we do. Trust it.

  22. I feel that ,only the attuned persons know the true nature of reiki symbols . To anybody else they are pure junk. So there is no point in letting others know about the symbols .

  23. Hi,
    I have a question ,when we practise Reiki or send healing, does sitting crossed legged interrupt the energy flow ?

  24. Julie I am alarmed at your attitude, and frankly your lack of knowledge about Reiki. These symbols were published in 1995 in “Essential Reiki” by Diane Stein. They have been publicly available for over 20 years.

  25. I am a Reiki II Practitioner and have been in Reiki since about 1998. My wife is a Reiki Master / Teacher and been in Reiki a bit longer than me. We are retired Americans living in Germany and originally from West Cornwall, Connecticut . I have looked into many Reiki websites and this site is one of the best. Keep up the good work.
    Love and Light to all.

  26. I love how people get all panty bunched about the symbols, this is my Reiki story. In 1993 I got my Reiki 3 ( emit a fan of the “master” thing as I don’t see Reiki as something you can “master”). As I was studding some of my books at a coffee shop, a small Asian man, came over and in very bad English ask me what I was reading. As I told him he smiled and told me that what I was reading looked nothing like the Reiki he teached, back home. Come to find out he was a MD from Japan in the states to take at Emery school of medicine on how they do things in Japan. I got to go to his talk ( way over my head) and got to spend a day with him and other learning about Reiki and how they / he teaches it. Come to find out, the symbols are not a big part of it there, they are mostly used by trainees that have a hard time getting themselves out of they way and at sometime, when they can channel the Reiki energy freely they use of they symbols are discarded and no longer use. They are like training weeks for new people / trainees and that is all. Reiki has gotten some much better and more powerful for me now that I no longer use the symbols.

    • Waya, I was taught the same thing about the symbols by my Japanese instructor Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei (who, like Usui Sensei, is also a lay Buddhist monk, for the record. Usui was a lay Buddhist monk of the Tendai sect). The symbols were not used by Usui until he began teaching Reiki to people who were not spiritually trained in achieving meditative states (farmers and such). Usui taught the symbols – and the sounds – to them to help them attune to certain states of consciousness which would help them be better channels for the energy. The symbols are like divine focusing devices for the layity, and indeed in Japan are considered like training wheels, only used initially. Members of the esteemed Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in Japan do not use them, as they are unnecessary. Also, according to Inamoto Sensei, what we call the “names” of the symbols (cho ku ray, etc.) aren’t their names at all. They are also training wheels – made of sound- called jumons, and while they can be used with the symbols there is no connection between the spoken words and the drawn symbols (other than our intent to use both for healing, of course). So these are not the names of the symbols, just helpful focusers of another sort. In Japan, where Reiki did manage to continue through WWII (contrary to what Mrs. Takata led us to believe), practitioners are surprised by our fervor about the necessity of using the symbols. My own take on the matter as an American is that we live in a hyperactive, overstimulating, disorienting, frazzling culture that leaves us frequently off kilter if not discombobulated. To make matters worse, many of us do not meditate regularly, forgetting that Usui saw Reiki Do (Reiki Practice) primarily as a path for personal spiritual development, and only secondarily as a healing modality. Given these realities, our continued use of both the symbols and the jumons is probably advisable for many of us. Traffic alone is enough to distress us considerably and make us less than ideal Reiki pipelines. The symbols and sounds may be training wheels, but if they help us keep in balance to be optimal Reiki conduits, that’s a good thing. Just let our understanding be clear about what they are and how they were used by Usui Sensei. Historical accuracy matters, and there is far too much misinformation all over the net already.

    • Intuitively, I was practicing energy healing, without any symbols, using light only, for about ten years before I’d ever heard of Reiki. Upon learning Reiki, I would have dreams of Usui and be given messages about the lack of importance of the symbols, telling me that the intent was key. I use DKM symbol for distance healing because this (DH) was an entirely new concept for me but I do not always use symbols while sending Reiki. Instead, I focus on intent <3
      Light & Love ☼ Namaste

  27. After reading through comments up a year old I have come to this conclusion. I am not a master even when I do received this title there is no mastery of the universe. One can only do their best to try to heal and send love for the better. Not everyone will embrace and take steps to put knowledge to use. I have attempted so many paths to be taught and attuned. No one feels right for me. Most are focused on money. Want to treat this as a religious sect. I can not bring my self to industrialize a beautiful trait that humanity has lost. Healing our selves and those around us should not be a personalized rule and regulation mind set to only try to better ourselves. These are the gifts that we all need to remember that have been lost. We can not live or thrive with out giving our healing hands to everyone. The human race is in terrible distress. Without embracing a unified loving attitude toward a betterment of all we will all fall.

  28. I had this question about another Reiki symbol which I was taught in 3rd level Reiki, the Zonar symbol. My teacher had told me that I can use that instead of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for distance healing. But none of the Reiki sites that I have browsed tell me that. Its always the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Zonar is simpler to remember and I have always used it for distance healing.But now I am starting to doubt if I should use Zonar for distance connection or not.

    • Better you use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for distance healing because I think Zonar is another karuna Reiki symbol.which can be used to heal along with all other symbols

  29. Thank you so much for all the love and light you give by giving me all of this information, it enriches me and enables me to assist people to help themselves through their life journeys.
    With love and light,

    Reiki Master

    • Even I have done my master degree that is 4th level of attunement in Reiki…what I feel is we can disscuss this with those who are really want to learn Reiki and by reading this pages I do not think they will be able to use this and work on this without taking the attunement…..all these can be used only by those who have taken the attunement by their masters….

  30. I have been atteuned to first degree reiki can i do distant healing using symbols or do i have to get 2nd degree reiki done.Can i have reiki master who can help me out for 2nd degree wanna do it.plsss help

    • Hi Priya. When I was first attuned to Reiki at Level 1 I sent healing out into the world and to others. Once you feel the energy begin to flow you can direct it. The symbols only help focus the energy and in themselves do not send the energy, that will always flow through you and out where it is needed. Once you have been attuned and the energy channel ‘switched on’ it cannot be switched off. You can be standing in the queue at a supermarket for example, or sitting beside someone on a bus and can feel the energy start to run. It always goes where it is needed and we are the channels who allow the energy to flow through us to where it is needed. Don’t ever worry when this happens, its a perfectly natural result of being attuned to Reiki. Healing can take place at any time and any place, it does not have to have a formal setting – it goes where it is needed under the direction of Higher Selves and Guides. Enjoy your Reiki, it is an amazing ‘technique’ and the joy you feel when it flows just serves to heighten the energy level. Namaste.

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  32. I agree with Julie. Its not to keep “power” in the hands of a few. It’s out of respect for Sensei Usuie. It’s also out if reverence of the power behind the symbols. I was really excited about the article until I seen the actual names and the symbols on here. It made me realise that you have either no understanding of reiki or you don’t respect it. This isn’t from a place of anger just concern. And FYI reiki can NOT be used to harm. It only come from a place of light for the practitioner and/or clients highest good.

  33. I never use any symbols and send just benevolent energy and it always get the job done .. further more i am assisted by Sananda, the Oracle, ascended masters, the angelic realm and my personal guides . . . there is no technique necessary to transfer a thought to someone, in fact it doent need to travel at all for we all are connected energetically.
    Anyone can do this with the correct feeling and intentions ! What we send out is always felt and picked up by others so now we just have to be aware of what we truly are sending out 🙂


  34. Any tips on how to draw and remember this symbol? I have just started reiki 2 and am finding it difficult to write and pronounce let alone draw in my mind when i do start treatment sessions?

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