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Clearing Crystals with Reiki through Meditation

Crystals are widely used for their healing effects in alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and in various meditation techniques. A pre-requisite to use crystals in any such practice is to clear them of the energetic impressions of the people who have handled them before and then at regular intervals, especially before and after the session of therapeutic/meditation technique to ensure that they are cleared of all negative energies.

There are multiple methods to carry out the crystal cleansing and one of the methods of profound importance is “Reiki”.

Reiki, a simple activity of laying-on hands, can be effectively used to cleanse the crystals through universal life force energy which is attuned to a person from the Reiki master. Below I have mentioned simple steps to clear your crystals with Reiki through meditation.

Meditation: Grounding and Centering

  1. Either sit on a chair with feet on the ground or stand straight with hands on sides and feet hip-width apart. Make sure you posture is relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Breathe deeply for few seconds.
  3. Imagine a crystal of light at the base of your spine (body’s core) and rays of bright white light are flowing out of this crystal all the way down into your feet and pushing down from your feet into the ground….like the roots of a tree…. Pushing down the layers of soil into the center of earth.
  4. Now imagine a bigger and more beautiful light crystal at the earth’s center and feel that this light energy is flowing up through soil into your feet; bring it in your solar plexus (your own light crystal) and imagine the earth’s energy flowing through your entire body is clearing your negative thoughts and emotions and healing you physically and spiritually.
  5. Once you feel filled up with the positive energy, breathe in deeply and release.
  6. Open your eyes and feel connected to the earth and believe that this positive energy will remain with you throughout the day.

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Now you are ready to begin crystal clearing. There are two ways of doing it depending on the level of Reiki training you are at.

Level-I Reiki: If you are level one Reiki practitioner then just simply hold the crystal in your hands having an intention is enough to send the Reiki energy.

Level-ll or above Reiki: Those who have completed level II can effectively clean the crystals using Reiki symbols, also known as Cryptic symbols, by following these simple series of steps.

  1. Sit in a comfortable posture and hold the crystal in your left hand.
  2. Draw the symbol “Cho Ku Rei” (empowerment symbol) on the crystal with middle finger and be grateful to your Reiki guides. You can repeat the step as many times as you like.
  3. Declare your purpose of clearing the crystal of its current energies.
  4. Draw the same symbol again and then draw Sei He Ki symbol (mental and emotional symbol).
  5. Still holding your hand over the crystal, allow the energy to flow into it until you feel the clearing process is complete.
  6. End the technique in the usual manner as you like to end your Reiki session.

I hope following these simple steps will help you in clearing Crystals using Reiki meditation and symbols.

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