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Spiritual Growth with Reiki

Reiki has direct linkage with spiritual growth of a person. It is the most important factor in learning Reiki and practicing it. Reiki is a powerful tool for holistic healing of a person. In simple words, it can be termed as ‘Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy’. The energy or Chi is guided by the highest power in the universe. Some people associate it with their religious God and others might undertake it as the supreme power governing the whole world.

The attunement process in Reiki involves permanent connection of Energy and its source. There can be proper healing process followed at different levels and energy is channelized to positive mode with Reiki therapy. The first 21 days after attunement process is known as ‘Cleansing Cycle’. In this cycle, energy levels go through root to crown area. Chakras are opened and energy pathways are cleared by getting rid of toxins in the body. Healing takes place with intensified approach of cleaning the body through healing chakras.


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What happens after 21 days cleaning cycle is complete?

After completion of 21-day cleaning cycle, the energy flow changes its direction and moves in a different way. The energy works out in the best way for the one receiving Reiki therapy. The path of energy transformation is different for everyone. There can be dramatic changes observed with attunement process and your body starts feeling more energetic and clear with it. It is important to notice that the thought of any changes brings fear in the mind. Energy works in the best way for the things we can handle and spiritual growth is possible only if the energy cycle is started without any discrepancies in initiating the process. The energy transformation is made for the highest-good of a person and it enhances the spiritual growth process.

Reiki can allow energy integration to the lives of people and many people feel that they’ve opened up a better platform in their lives by including Reiki in it. Reiki acts as a path of spiritual healing and makes a person feel great from inside and outside. Reiki builds a direct connection between the highest-power and a person. Once the connection is made with Source, you will get entire feeling of including high-energy into life and get closer to the spiritual being connected to spirit and heaven. There are endless benefits of Reiki and people can experiment with their unique ability to get things going on a right track. There are comprehensive results illustrated by people experiencing Reiki treatment.

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