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How can you improve your Reiki Practice?

Reiki is a valuable practice of healing and there is a lot to learn, experience and implement in this form of holistic healing. There is unlimited potential in a human being and Reiki is a tool for exploration and development of true nature of human being. Reiki has many secrets and gives magical experiences to people. There are different ways of handling health conditions with Reiki and there can be solutions obtained from the art of Reiki.

Improve your Reiki Practice

Reiki masters can get attunements, based on their experience and expertise level. There are some ways to improve your Reiki Practice:

  • Practice your skills on regular basis to get experienced with Reiki.
  • Choose a right position or posture for treating the other person by hand-on treatment.
  • Choose an appropriate Reiki method to give attunement to others. Always learn whatever seems interesting to you.
  • Start your practice with a prayer and ask for strengthening of Reiki energy from the Almighty.
  • Choose lay-down or sitting position for your client according to your personalized comfort level and then begin the process. You can’t do well, till there is appropriate comfort level for you and your client.
  • If you are at learning stage, it is essential to choose a right school or practitioner to get best from your Reiki efforts.
  • Don’t stop practicing Reiki as you will not gain any kind of experience by not implementing your skills. You can try self-healing, distance healing and hand-on healing methods to learn and implement the techniques well.
  • Try next levels of Reiki on yourself first and then think about implementing it on others. Advanced Reiki learning is possible for the people proficient in primary Reiki implementation phases.

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# Keep Strength with Reiki

There are many people who feel that Reiki treatments are not producing too good results for them. They feel that Reiki is not doing as good to them, as it was doing it before. This might be the problem arising in the cases involving different Reiki types. In this case, some people quit using Reiki because of its lost effectiveness. People might think that it is the problem with awareness and others stop using it completely for not getting the right impact.

If you feel that there is no positive responsiveness from your Reiki efforts and there are no good results obtained from self treatment or treating others, then you will have to believe that the right Reiki energy flow is diminished. Reiki attunement is for lifetime, but at times, the flow of Reiki energy becomes distracted. There is a reason for initiation of this situation and it causes unusual and difficult patterns of stresses in life.

Reiki consciousness focuses on the fact that we are one and the concept of oneness is not abstract, but a reality of life. If you want to remain balanced, it is required to connect and communicate with others. If it is required to keep the energy flow in a proper mode, you need to attain administered treatments from expert. Self healing might work well, but if you are unsure about it, it is possible to get treated from a Reiki Master. Most of the people get better results with hand-on session, but there are many results revealed for the people to obtain best responsiveness through distant Reiki sessions. You need to stay balanced to get best results from your Reiki treatment. There are many people who follow reciprocal Reiki by exchanging positive energies with one other.

# Listen to client well

Reiki is a form of healing consisting of channelization of energy. This holistic energy is guided by ‘Highest Power of Universe’ and there are least chances for practitioner to attract negativity from client. Western Reiki believes that this can’t happen at all, but conventional form of treatment still believes that there can be negative energy transfer too. The practitioner might feel drained off after their Reiki session and it is a rare experience. Some people get such a drastic experience that they feel like discontinuing Reiki practice.

If anyone faces awkward situation with Reiki, they should consider the fact that nothing can happen, unless it is created for you. There is a way opened for deeper healing and self-understanding with Reiki and at that stage, if something unwanted occurs, it will be definitely due to some energetic imbalances of practitioner within their own body. This way, they open their minds to take the client’s symptoms or drain off their own energy.

There is another case in this aspect. If you wish to produce some specific results, it is essential to listen to your client. The interest of practitioner is essential to cure the client completely. The practitioner should take the client’s pain or illness, and understand their problem beforehand to get personal energy exchange. The practitioner can give desired results to client by understanding their role in life and helping them to get ailment from the problems in life. A practitioner can get guilt oriented feelings and can be restricted in some way. The tendencies related to unconscious parts of personality, which produce positive results in a different way. The symptoms of client traveling back to energy field of practitioner are obvious for client. The practitioner might or might not feel the negative symptoms with no explanation.

There are different ways to get remedial for this problem. Reiki treatments require keeping aside the personal energies for performing healing of body. It is always good to begin the treatment with a note of prayer. Usui power symbols and affirmations can help in beginning a treatment on positive side. You can relate the symbols with different body chakras. Your intensions for energy channelization should be clear and precise. There will be immediate results produced by the treatment. It is always better to deal with the problems and heal body parts by using various Reiki techniques suiting your body and mind.

Self-treatment or getting treated from other practitioners can bring changes in the life of a person demanding healing of body, mind and soul. Once the body is healed, the person will gain strength and would not have to deal with the similar problems again.

# Understand Reiki and Spirit Co-relation

Soul or spirit illness can be the major cause of problems in body and mind. It is a common belief that misguidance of spirits can lead to sickness in mind or body. There are techniques for Reiki treatment, which can effectively work on spirit release. You will be unable to see the spirit, but usage of Reiki techniques would make it feasible for you to get a better impact on mind and soul.

If the physical body of a person dies, the spirit goes up to the Almighty to get into other body. In some cases, the spirit will get dilemmatic and not reach its final destination. The spirit gets affected by lower desires and might create problems for people. They might feel weaker and there might be increase in problems for people. The spirits might require healing and attach to aura of a person, which might leave negative influence connected to any specific area. It is actually not essential that usual Reiki techniques can guide spirit and there might be advanced processes required to get Reiki healing.

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