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time concept

Article by Becky Hernandez Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (the Distance Reiki Symbol) is a symbol with no time, no boundaries and no restrictions. It has no prejudice and can allow the Reiki practitioner to access other dimensions and other realms of time and space! This is why it is one of my favorite Reiki symbols […] Read more


Chakra Empowerment Visualization

Chakra Empowermwnt Visualization

This visualization is effective, equipped in improving your life in each conceivable way. It requires dedicated and consistent practice to begin with, yet as you become regular in your practice it’ll become easier and faster to align yourself. The objective of the Chakra Empowerment visualization is to visualize your best possible future self while seeing […] Read more


Sending Reiki to the Future

Sending Reiki to The Future

Reiki truly has no boundaries. It can be sent across the great illusion of time and space, the only limit being your imagination. We can send Reiki to the past- to heal childhood traumas, old relationship wounds and even past life situations. We can also send Reiki to the future, though it’s good to remember […] Read more

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Reiki and the Time Triangle

The time triangle

One of the most empowering aspects of Reiki as a healing modality is its ability to transcend healing across time and space. Space is defined as The dimension of height, depth and width within which all things exist and move. But how do we define time? What is time in spiritual essence? Time is the […] Read more

Sending Healing to Future Versions of Ourselves

We think a lot about sending healing or comfort to people and situations that are currently in pain, ill, or in crisis. And there are lots of articles on Reiki Rays about ways to send healing to the past, including several that I have written myself. One thing that may not come up as often […] Read more