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Chakra Empowerment Visualization

Article by Darshan.S

This visualization is effective, equipped in improving your life in each conceivable way. It requires dedicated and consistent practice to begin with, yet as you become regular in your practice it’ll become easier and faster to align yourself.

The objective of the Chakra Empowerment visualization is to visualize your best possible future self while seeing each of your seven essential chakra’s and to align your chakras to that of your future self.

As you start this visualization process, you may encounter some trouble staying concentrated on each chakra. The most vital component in this visualization is that you strongly desire to align your chakras to your most elevated potential, and stay concentrated on each chakra as it feels and appears to you, holding up until your chakra changes to match it your best possible future self’s chakra’s.

  1. Sit in a quiet and comfortable place. Shield, ground and invoke the Reiki to flow through you for your highest good.
  2. Visualize your most ideal future self, with each of the seven essential chakras sparkling splendidly. Appreciate yourself for taking the time to become your most ideal future self, and through this sense of appreciation, sense your future self as though it were your own energy body. Become associated and become one with your future self.
  3. Beginning with the seventh chakra, the Crown chakra, look at the way your future self’s Crown chakra feels with how your present Crown chakra feels. Particularly take note of any distinctions in energy, color and movement of the chakra. If there is a major contrast between the way your Crown chakra feels now and the way it feels in your ideal future self, focus your attention on the future self’s Crown chakra till you become one with the feeling. Notice how the Crown chakra on your future self feels, and bring your current Crown chakra up to feeling exactly like it. You may notice that other chakras in your energy body are affected by this change, and if this happens, relax you are attuning your own energy body to its highest alignment. Each chakra does affect its neighbors and is sensitive to changes. Go slowly and enjoy the way your Crown chakra feels now.

  4. Repeat the above process for the sixth chakra (Third Eye chakra). Feeling happy for becoming your best possible future self, sense how the Third Eye chakra will feel when it is optimally aligned for you. Take your time and use all your senses to enjoy this moment, and allow your current energy body’s Third Eye chakra to make the transition to its highest possible alignment.
  5. Repeat the above process for the fifth chakra (Throat chakra). Feel how good you would feel to have a perfectly aligned Throat chakra, and get an idea of what this would feel like. When you have a clear and complete feeling of this, bring it back to your current energy body’s Throat chakra.
  6. Repeat the above process for the fourth chakra (Heart chakra). This is your chakra of love and compassion, and these are the feelings to focus on. How will your Heart chakra feel when you are the living embodiment of your best possible future self? Bring this feeling back to your current energy body’s Heart chakra, and hold that feeling savoring and embracing it.
  7. Repeat the above process for the third chakra (Solar Plexus chakra). This is the communication center between you and the outside world, and a powerful energy center for manifesting what you want in your life. Feel how your best possible future self is holding this Solar Plexus chakra energy. Is it clear and strong, and vibrant and clean? Most likely it’s in a lot better shape than your current Solar Plexus chakra energy! You can remedy this by transforming your existing Solar Plexus chakra to match that of your best possible future self.
  8. Repeat the above process for the second chakra (Sacral chakra) just below your navel. This chakra is a place you may be inadvertently picking up and carrying other people’s energy. Feel how different your best possible future self’s second chakra is compared to your current energy body’s and allow your chakra to change to match your future self.
  9. Repeat the above process first chakra (Root chakra). Feel how well grounded your best possible future self is, and how that allows you to stand up for yourself and feel centered and an important and integral part of all that is. Notice all the sensations in your best-balanced Root chakra, and bring those qualities back to your current energy body Root chakra.

Once you have viewed and transformed all your chakras, take a few more minutes to feel your chakras integrating with one another and interacting with the world around you. Pay attention to how your day goes differently than usual — hopefully in enjoyable ways, and in how you feel about yourself and events that unfold around you. The first time you do this, it’s a good idea to draw what you see and take notes about what you observe in this exercise.

Your notes will help remind you of your highest energetic goal.

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Darshan is a Reiki healer & teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Professional Dowser. He owns a Metaphysical Store called “Crystal Alchemy” through which he helps spread awareness about Crystals and other Healing Modalities. You can reach Darshan at www.facebook.com/Crystal.Alchemy.Store, www.facebook.com/TheHealingOcean.

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  • akshayaa October 18, 2016, 3:26 pm

    Thank you Darshan!! Very beautiful article

  • Chetan October 30, 2016, 2:29 am

    Very innovative way…

  • Gourav Chourasia August 18, 2018, 7:32 am

    Will it help to manifest as well ?

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